Dead By Daylight Releases Its Battle Pass And Tons Of New Content In The 3.3.1 Patch, Tons Of Small Tweaks Make The Game More Balanced

Dead By Daylight Releases Its Battle Pass And Tons Of New Content In The 3.3.1 Patch, Tons Of Small Tweaks Make The Game More Balanced
Credit: steamXO

The infamous Battle Pass had made a new appearance in Dead By Daylight bringing tiered rewards to the players. The Archives house this battle pass with the first tome known as Awaken. As you complete challenges inside the Tome, you unlock options within the Rift; another reward system implemented in the game.

Fans are excited about this change as it adds new content and cosmetics that can be unlocked via time rather than points. As this is a new system, no one is sure if it will be effective, but the possibility of new cosmetics is tantalizing. This change is drawing tons of fans back into the game for a chance at this new content.

On the back end, the game is expected to run smoother as it is using an updated version of the Unreal Engine. They have gone from using 4.21.1 to using 4.22, which comes with a more stable engine and better handling of online capabilities.

There is a new currency being added, as well. Rift Fragments are used to progress through the tiers of the Rift in The Archives. These fragments give players access to cosmetic items, mini blood point buffs, and many other things. This will be able to be earned in the game with small amounts given after each match.

A new cosmetic type has been added called Charms. You can have a maximum of three charms at a time. If you are playing as a survivor, they attach to your waist and look like a stylish belt buckle or keychain. If you are a killer, they appear on the killer’s hook in the environment. Customization UI has been updated to reflect this change and allow for easy charm swapping.

The All Hallow’s Eve Lunchbox has returned and has an increased speed to heal others from +15% to +35%. This change lets the lunchbox stand at par with the First Aid Kit in healing.

A bunch of changes have come to the Nurse. Rather than regaining her blink charges immediately after finishing her fatigue animation, the Nurse now regains one blink charge every three seconds. This time can be modified by add-ons.

Detective’s Hunch, Plunderer’s Instinct, and Mettle of Man have all received changes to help in balancing the game. With patches fixing issues across the board, players can expect a more balanced and fun-oriented game.

You can play Dead by Daylight on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This patch is only live on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, so if you play on Nintendo Switch, you will have to wait for your patch. You can purchase this game for $9.99 on your preferred platform.