Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reckon’s Team Reveals Their Plans For An Improved Game Experience

Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reckon’s Team Reveals Their Plans For An Improved Game Experience
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reckon Breakpoint has come up with an update to the game and what players should expect moving forward. Breakpoint came to screens in October for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Also, a version for Google Stadia is coming screen this November 2019.

Since it came to screens, Ghost Reckon Breakpoint has gotten conflicting reviews from critics. Yet, it still got many negative reviews from players. From the board of Ghost Reckon’s team, they notified that they have been reading the reviews and even met with some fans in person. The question is, what’s going to happen to the game? Well, they listed five issues to work on.

The Technicalities of the Game
The Ghost Reckon team acknowledged that there were bugs and inconsistent issues at launch. This why the titled update 1.0.2 was released address the most difficult issues. The team also continues to improve the game for the TU1.0.3 update set to release in mid-November. Some of the changes include the rate change of specific weapons, the fix on the drone deployment, and NVGs blocking crosshairs.
After much of the update, TU1.0.3.1 will be released towards the end of November with further improvements and upgrades.

After-Launch Content
The Breakpoint team also assured the fan base that their commitment to improving Breakpoint wouldn’t stop at just the updates. They are also going to support the game in the long-term by creating post-launch content and exclusive meetups. For instance, players can expect the first Raid, titled Project Titan, coming in December. After that, the Terminator event will happen next.

Changing the In-game Economy
The team also got feedback concerning the in-game economy from players. Some players noticed the possibility of Ghost Reckon Breakpoint is pay-unless-no-win. Having heard that, the team is looking to address this issue.

Newly Added AI Teammates
Ghost Reckon Breakpoint also integrated co-operation of up to four players with an option to enjoy a purely single-player experience. Moreover, the team also announced that AI-enabled teammates would be added to juice up the gameplay, though it will take more time as this is a new project.

Customizable Experience
The Breakpoint team also announced that some of the design picks morphed divided reactions. While there are new elements for players to enjoy, there are still areas that need improvement. For example, a critic noted the tiered loot progression.

The team said players should expect a more radical and immersive version. They also said players will now be able to customize their experience and enjoy the game as they want to. Although it’s somewhat early to give updates on this, the team would update on their progress.

So, be on the lookout for their community survey where everyone would have the opportunity to give their sincere feedbacks so they can iterate and improve the game to suit players.