Darksiders Genesis Set To Release In December And Features A Co-Op Design

Darksiders Genesis Set To Release In December And Features A Co-Op Design
Credit: Darksiders

The Darksiders series is beloved by many gamers today. It features some of the more interesting characters in the Four Horsemen. There’s War, Death, Fury, and Strife. Every time a Darksiders game has come out, it has featured one of these figures in some epic adventure to restore the balance between good and evil during the apocalypse.

We’re now approaching the fourth installment developed by Airship Syndicate. It was just revealed by the developer that it’s releasing on December 5 for the PC and Google Stadia. It will release for other platforms sometime later in 2020. According to reports, Darksiders Genesis is taking a different direction compared to the previous installments.

Most notably, it will be a co-op experience that features the fourth Four Horsemen Strife and the iconic War. That’s a pretty novel change for this series. Normally, you get one of the Four Horsemen featured throughout the entire game. This major shift could work out quite nicely, though.

Co-op games are extremely popular today. They highlight shared experiences with friends, and honestly, playing Darksiders Genesis alongside a buddy sounds like a great time on paper. To highlight this epic duo in action, a trailer was just revealed showing Strife and War doing their thing.

We don’t see any gameplay initially, but we do see Strife’s character model firsthand. He’s a little beefier than Death, but much leaner than War. He has a regal poise about him; not one to take things too seriously judging by the short snippets of humor we see in the trailer.

Strife deals with the big bad, and then it jumps off with a bunch of demons charging him. Not to worry, though, as War makes his grand entrance. Oh, and Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival plays in the background. It’s a stellar trailer that sets up an fun adventure between Strife and War.

Then, a surprise snippet of gameplay is shown at the end. We see both characters unleashing a ton of damage with heavy attacks. They look like a formidable duo that you wouldn’t want to cross if you can help it.

So far, Darksiders Genesis is shaping up to be one of the better installments. The novelty of switching between War and Strife should garner a lot of positive feedback. And, you won’t even have to play the game with a friend if you don’t want. Solo will be an option, where you can switch between Strife and War any time depending on the situation at hand.