Leaked PlayStation 5 Images Show Sony’s Newest Console In All Its Weird Space-Age Glory

Leaked PlayStation 5 Images Show Sony’s Newest Console In All Its Weird Space-Age Glory
Credit: LetsGoDigital via YouTube

Leaked images of the PlayStation 5 spread like wildfire on the Internet, and the reaction has been negative so far.

Although the images and videos are all over the Internet now, the leak was first reported by ZoneOfTech. Allegedly, they received the leaked image from a reliable source.

A YouTube video of the leaked PlayStation 5 design can be viewed here.

A large V-shape crater in the middle almost split the console into two. The rendering does not show the camera on the right side of the console.

The camera can be seen in this image posted on Twitter. It could very well confirm the feature that will allow 4K live-streaming. The air exhausts on the sides and center of the console are massive. If they work as designed, you won’t have to worry about the performance slowing down due to overheating.

The console has several buttons, and below them is the disc drive. Sony already said the PS5 would support Blu-ray discs. You can also see six USB ports on the right of the box. The final product won’t likely have those many ports.

On the YouTube video, some fans commented that Sony is bringing back the 90s with the ugly design. Some fans likened it to a radar detector from the 80s or an elaborate alarm clock. Some even went on to comment that the PS5 features the worst design in the history of consoles.

What gave the leaked PlayStation 5 images some validation was the Sony patent that was leaked a few days ago. The company did not specifically name the patent the PS5. In fact, it was described as an “Unknown Electronic Device.” But the design looked exactly like the latest PS 5 leaked images.

But fans should temper their excitement (or anger) since the leaked PlayStation 5 images are clearly a developer’s kit.

You can see two ports that are labeled “Network” and “System,” which are prototypical of devkits. These ports allow the designers to access the internal or retail software of the console. You can also read the words “Prototype 1 Not for Sale” imprinted on the console. It means that this might not be the final design of the product, especially if Sony listens to fan reactions.

In response to the ZoneOfTech Twitter image, Kev Dickson shared a devkit for the PlayStation 4. The developer’s prototype looked nothing like the final product sold on shelves.