CROSSBOW: Bloodnight Is Headed For Steam Later This Month From Studio Hyperstrange

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight Is Headed For Steam Later This Month From Studio Hyperstrange
Credit: Steam XO

Crossbow: Bloodnight is an arena shooter set in a medieval-inspired world of gore, horror, and magic. Mix fluid movement controls with versatile weapon selections allowing you the ability to fight through this gothic horror adventure. This game is an intense fast-paced shooting experience that will constantly challenge players to improve upon their last hunt and pick up their weapon once again.

This title is planned to release on Steam as of September 24. Till then players must wait and rely on information about this unique title. There is a console port planned for this release which will bring the game to Nintendo Switch. Currently, there is no release date for the other console ports.

Enter into an arena shooter that revolves around score-attack mechanics. As you master the power of the occult you must use your automatic crossbow and fight for your very survival. Bring down demonic hordes, run through unique challenges, and hunt the strange and unseen forces of the world.

Set in 1139 the Pope Innocent II has banned the use of the Crossbow calling it ungodly and demonic. As a member of the Coven of Crossbows, you fight to find a balance between heaven and hell. As the Ancient Horror from Beyond makes its way back into the world, it is up to you to prevent it from spawning and destroying all of mankind.

Your primary weapon is an arcane crossbow that comes with varying shooting modes. As you siphon the souls of your enemies you can imbue your crossbow with even more powers and abilities allowing it to gain strength in your hands.

This game takes advantage of a fluid movement system with dashes, jumps, and bunny hops all available for players to use. Dodge through unique systems and try to survive in a demonic bullet hell of chaos.

The instant respawn button allows you to jump back into the action with every death so you can continue to experience deep immersion. Using devastating special attacks you must take time before unleashing your power upon enemy troops.

Currently, the game has six enemy types with two variants that can spawn. Watch as they endlessly flood the courtyard creating an arena of pain and suffering.

Scoring is done on a global leaderboard system where you can compete against your friends or random players. It is up to you how hard you push the scoring system in this unique title.

Crossbow: Bloodnight will be available on Sept 24, 2020, from Hyperstrange on Steam.