Crabbie Arduino – The New Development In The Field Of Programming

Crabbie Arduino – The New Development In The Field Of Programming
Credit: Arduino Create

A new Board has been developed and designed with K-5th-grade kids in mind. This newly developed board has been so designed to be compatible with microcontrollers like Arduino Uno. Moreover, other programs are also supposed to be compatible with it.

The main attraction of the Board is its shape, i.e., a shape inspired by a Crab. The program can be used as a standalone or clubbed with Arduino Uno. For years, the Arduino has worked as the main brain for many projects ranging from daily necessity objects to scientific instruments of complex nature.

If we discuss the specification, we can find the Board, which is a shield of the hybrid sensor, has been manufactured and designed with the aim of making kids more friendly with the programming and electronics.

For the target users, the specifications have also been kept simple, and it can be found with leds of 8*3mm, speakers of 2*8 watt, a sensor of 1*IR, ISCP Header, amazing display of 2*7 segment, battery connector with JST-1. The Board is also equipped with effect magnet sensor of 1*hall, and a header is also provided especially for ESP8622 wifi connection. A prototype space of 6*6 is also included in its specifications.

The newly developed Board has been made available by its developers to its users through kickstarters. To make it more attractive, the provision of the early bird has been kept open at a charge of $25. It has been estimated that shipping across the world will start by the end of the calendar.

A sufficient sum of money has been allotted to furnish the requisite components, up-gradation of the design of the printed circuit, and covering the assembly cost and manufacturing cost.
Another sum of money has also been provided where the license fee of the Arduino Heart will be covered. This license is said to give access to a collaborative logo that will guarantee standard product duly approved by Arduino and assist in reaching out more kids in schools.

The Crabbie Arduino is expected to be attractive and appealing to the young children, especially due to its Crab shaped design. In this way, the young minds will be able to be more eager and motivated towards engineering and technical field.

One of the reasons for developing this is to foster the Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The Crabbie printed Board will be used in the workshops to help the kids learn regarding the coding and hardware, and hence, in this way the STEAM careers will be promoted.