Cathedral Is A Unique Metroidvania Headed To Nintendo Switch This Year

Cathedral Is A Unique Metroidvania Headed To Nintendo Switch This Year
Credit: Steam XO

Originally released on Steam, Cathedral is a classic Metroidvania title that is headed to a port on Nintendo Switch. Decemberborn Interactive and Elden Pixels are planning to release the game on Nintendo Switch later this year, till then the game is available on Steam.

This title is a massive hand-crafted adventure that mixes retro aesthetics with a classic challenge. Using a persisting world players must navigate the land and claim treasure, secrets, and artifacts. After they unravel the challenges of the strange and powerful orbs, players may then have what they need to save the world.

Cathedral is a classic themed game that comes loaded with more than 600 rooms to complete. Slowly unravel the secrets of your mysterious past as you fight to find the five elemental orbs. Enter into a unique and vast world that was designed to be explored and conquered.

Wake up in a strange fantasy land with no idea of how you got there. As you control the strange nameless protagonist you must team up with a strange spirit and break the world down to what makes it work. This does mean, of course, finding the fix ancient orbs placed by a demigod and defeating the five fearsome guardians that stand in your way.

Enter into a large 2D world of interconnected rooms as you explore new locations, find valuable items, and gain the freedom to backtrack as needed. Each area contains secrets, puzzles, and unique challenges that players must overcome to find the truth.

This title may look like an NES color game but it comes without the restrictions of the era. This allows players to use controllers, navigate independently, and enjoy more modern design themes scattered around this unique title.

Enjoy a unique single-player adventure experience as you explore a large world brimming with secrets. To conquer the land you must defeat the bosses, and due to the nature of this title that is no easy feat.

To aid you in your quest there are tons of towns, shops, shopkeepers, fortune tellers, and more to aid you. By paying the right amount of coin fans can find the gear they need to overcome obstacles that present too much of a challenge.

This game is designed for puzzle fans and 8-bit fanatics. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s main website and look into this unique title.

Cathedral is available on Steam with a Nintendo Switch port in the near future. The game only costs $14.99 allowing fans a full adventure for a cheap price.