Aksys Games’ Pretty Princess Party Launches Tomorrow For The Nintendo Switch

Aksys Games’ Pretty Princess Party Launches Tomorrow For The Nintendo Switch
Credit: Pretty Princess Party via Nintendo

Aksys Games has announced Pretty Princess Party for the Nintendo Switch will launch tomorrow. The game will be available in early December, just in time for the holiday season.

Pretty Princess Party takes place in a magical land inside of an abandoned enchanted castle. A princess once owned the castle, but now it’s time for a new owner to take over and rebuild the crumbling building.

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Players create and outfit a custom princess, from her hairstyles, accessories, dresses, and shoes. Throughout the game, players can unlock multiple new outfit pieces. There are over 50 choices of fashion items, plus 25 hairstyles, eye colors, and makeup options.

After the princess-in-training is ready for the day, players can participate in multiple mini-games. They include cake decorating, horse racing, archery, and dancing. The games can be played solo or with up to four other players online.

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The castle itself is also highly customizable. Players have 20 rooms to decorate with multiple items. Even more items are unlocked during gameplay, with over 1,300 items total. Decorative items include furniture, paintings, wallpapers, and more.

After the rooms are decorated, players can take photos of their rooms to share. When players have completed the game, they can take on new challenges to update rooms and take new photos.

Aksys Games previously announced it was releasing the game in North America in June. The game, developed by Nippon Columbia, was previously released in Japan in December 2019 as Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate. There was no additional content released for the game, so players can expect a complete experience.

There was previously a demo released for the game in Japan, but it’s unknown if one will be available in North America. The demo trailer has information in English, but the UI is in Japanese, which may mean North American players can expect a demo in the eShop in the near future.

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Players can purchase Pretty Princess Party either digitally or physically. The game is currently available for pre-order on both Aksys Games’ website or through other retailers. Only a standard edition was released in Japan, which means that North America likely won’t see a limited edition of any kind.

Pretty Princess Party launches for the Nintendo Switch on December 3.