Adding An Unique Personality And New Single-Player Gameplay To Red Dead Redemption 2

Adding An Unique Personality And New Single-Player Gameplay To Red Dead Redemption 2
Credit: ign

Red Dead Redemption 2’s latest mod introduces a particular fresh experience with brand-new quests, thefts, and your custom avatar.

By creating a new unique avatar who emulates Arthur Morgan, the Life of Crime mod enables you to begin a brand-new wild frontier journey.

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According to CruelMasterMC, the mod’s designer, “the whole goal is to play as a brand spanking new avatar with all of your weapons and funds being deleted.” “NOT to pretend to be John or Arthur. This is the mod’s entire purpose.

After installation, you begin the Life of Crime by speaking to an NPC wearing a white hat in Copperhead Landing. What follows is a spectacular prison break from Siska.

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As your protagonist participates in the jailbreak, you are given some background info by this bespoke beginning video. And before you know it, you’re visiting a connection to start a criminal existence.

They said, “As you progress through the game, you can acquire all the weapons by purchasing them from a gunsmith or discovering them elsewhere on the landscape.

“Earn additional money by participating in missions and other activities to pay for these expenses and many more that I intend to add.”

Further thefts and bounty chasing are only two of the numerous anticipated enhancements that the mod’s developer has hinted at. However, the mod is already quite thorough, with two new missions—a train heist and a mansion heist—and a new ability tree.

Although the mod has been around for a while, it only had the manor heist, which Arthur Morgan was your guide through. But as of late, it appears that Life of Crime wants to reinvent the single-player experience completely.

Rockstar recently disclosed that it will focus on GTA 6 and won’t be adding any further themed upgrades to Red Dead Online. Therefore the release of this new single-player mod couldn’t have been more appropriate.