According To Leak, Steam Summer Sale Starts June 25th, 10AM PST

According To Leak, Steam Summer Sale Starts June 25th, 10AM PST
Credit: CD Projekt via YouTube

The Steam Summer Sale is a hotly anticipated event for PC gamers, and every year, it’s become something of a tradition that the start date is leaked in advance.

This time around it came from the Steam Database Twitter account who spotted the start date of the Steam Summer Sale on the Chinese Steam community page, SteamCN. According to this leak, apparently confirmed by various sources, states the Summer Sale starts on June 25th at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT and is slated to last around 2 weeks.

This tradition of the start date getting leaked is one that goes back a few years now. Generally, the Steam sale starts around this time in June, last year it began on June 21st, so this leak seems to suggest a similar pattern.

It’s expected many of the previous features of Steam Summer Sales are to return in 2019. The usual summer trading card games and mini-games appear each year for you to play games and earn XP, plus the chances to win games for free.

Last year, the theme of Steam’s summer sale was an intergalactic one. There were tradeable space-themed items to add to your Steam inventory. Triple-A titles like The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 were joined by indie games in an impressive showing of savings.

With the recent Beta launch of platforms like GOG Galaxy and the increasing buying power of the Epic Games Store, Steam is likely going to have to up its game with this year’s Summer Sale. Epic Games Store recently offered its first huge sale, and there were some pretty massive discounts involved in the Epic Mega Sale.

Despite Epic Games Store’s increasing power, and even the introduction of some of their own exclusive PC titles, Steam still has a wide variety of games and a much wider diversity which makes the Summer Sale one of the best events for PC gamers looking for a bargain.