Forces Of Freedom: Bravo Company’s Third Person Shooter Tactical Team Combat Game For Android and iOS

Forces Of Freedom: Bravo Company’s Third Person Shooter Tactical Team Combat Game For Android and iOS
Credit: APKMody

Ready for the perfect third person real-time shooting game? Don, your combat uniform, lace up your boots, grab your arms and face off in Forces of Freedom, an online third-person shooter game available on Android and iOS. At the moment, the game is in Early Access.

Developed by UK based Bravo Company, Forces of Freedom is an infantry combat third-person shooter game that brings players from all over the world. Team up and make sure you complete the objective of the game; either capture the flag or eliminate your opponents in the intense four-minute battle.

Play as a Sniper or a Rifleman
Whether you like engaging in battlefront fire with fierce assault rifles or you are good at the background with a sniper rifle, Forces of Freedom is the best shot.

The game features soldiers in different eras; from the world war veterans to the modern combat soldier. Unfortunately, only six WWII soldiers are available at the moment; five default soldiers and a newly added rifleman called Krizis.

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Ace – Known as Andy Davis, Ace is a US rifleman with his trusted M14 and a barrier for cover in an intense showdown. His aim ability and the devastating M14 is ideal for locking down an area and capturing the flag.

Zhen – If you want to bust enemies around the flanks, Zhen Long will help you do so. Zhen is a Chinese scout known for his agility. He’s equipped with a Type 14 machine gun and a grenade to bust enemies from their hiding.

Takh – He is a fierce Russian rifleman who goes by the name Maks Vorobiev. Equipped with the feared Kalashnikov, he can lock down any zone and is the best shot for capturing the flag and suppressing the enemy with heavy bursts of fire. Takh also has a grenade.

Krizis – Complete the challenge and unlock Krizis, a Russian scout with nerves of steel. He tags along with a PPSh-41, a Soviet submachine gun with 25 rounds. Krizis is agile, and also has two barriers for cover when capturing the objective.

Eagle – US sniper, Sergeant Josh Wilson is back in combat with vast battle experience from his days in the Korean War. His patience, keen eye on the scope and the reliable M19 Springfield make him the most feared sniper in Forces of Freedom. He can cause a lot of damage from a long range with his remarkable aim ability. Eagle can call spy planes to provide intel on enemy positions.

Voron – If there’s a dreaded sniper is a Russian with his Mosin-Nagant and Mikhail Orlov is one of the celebrated snipers. His peers call him Voron, and besides the Mosin-Nagant, Voron can call a spy plane just like Eagle to identify enemy positions.

Map-Based Operations
Forces of Freedom is a map-based multiplayer game. Players can’t choose the map they want; it is random. There are three maps available; Operation Coastline, Operation Nam and Town.

Operation Coastline and Operation Nam were the only maps when the game was released. The terrain features old wooden houses, in a fairly open village landscape characterized by boulders for taking cover. Another map called Operation Highway Valley was released, and it depicts a desert setting, with wrecked vehicles, and sandbags making it the perfect battleground. Just recently, a new map called Last Days was also released so if you are into street battles, you will love the experience!

As mentioned earlier, Forces of Freedom is a tactical 5v5 online game. The enemy advances from the opposite aside, and the objective is to capture the flag in less than four minutes or kill all the enemies. Scouts are tasked with attacking the enemy on the flanks, while riflemen are best when it comes to taking over the flag while snipers take care of the team from a distance taking out any threats and providing intel on the enemy position.

When either team is in the flag zone, there is a countdown, and once it hits 100%, your team wins the game. In the event time elapses while you are occupying the flag zone, the game goes into overtime, and if the time elapses without either team capturing the flag, the game is tied.

The graphics and controls are super. There is no respawn, so players need to exercise caution lest you get dropped by the snipers or riflemen.

So far, Forces of Freedom is in its early access. There has been no word regarding the official release date but expect fresh updates from time to time. While the current game limits you to world war era soldiers and maps, expect the game to fully blow into a modern combat game with the release of new maps and most importantly, modern soldiers with modern weapons.