Vermintide 2 Has A New Update Out Now That Includes A New Career

Vermintide 2 Has A New Update Out Now That Includes A New Career
Credit: FatShark via YouTube

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is one of the better four-person co-op experiences that you can find on the marketplace today. Its combat is particularly brutal with its first-person visuals and component countering system.

This visually stunning melee-based game just got even better too thanks to its 3.0 update. It’s the mark of Vermintide 2’s third season and is bringing a lot of notable changes and improvements.

Probably one that stands out the most is The Grail Knight career for Markus Kruber. It lets you enjoy epic close-quarter battles as a blessed warrior that’s been granted supernatural abilities thanks to the Lady of Lake.

The career has many different challenges that you’ll be able to complete, as well as special abilities for Kruber. You can test them out in some epic first-person battles and even share them with heroes you befriend.

It’s definitely a great addition for those that typically play Vermintide 2 solo. Rather than having to team up with a party, you can just get into the thick of the action and experience all sorts of new adventures.

That’s not all. There are also new items available for the Emporium. That includes shilling and premium items. Some of the heroes have also received tweaks.

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of improvements and new features, you can check out the game’s official patch notes. There are many that should make Vermintide 2 a much better game overall, especially in the content department.

It’s amazing to see Vermintide 2 get better and better each time a new update comes out. Fatshark isn’t looking to rest on its laurels despite how much success the game has had since launching back in 2018.

It stormed out of the gate hot with its particularly brutal combat system. Using swords, axes, and other devastating items, players quickly fell in love with the melee-based combat. Every interaction with a monster or foe feels like a unique experience that you want to re-live over and over.

There’s no telling how much better Vermintide 2 can get either, especially if the developer keeps up with the updates. They want to keep giving fans something to enjoy and come back for.

If you haven’t yet experienced its addicting combat or diverse weapon selection, now’s a good time. It has only gotten better since launch and this doesn’t appear to be stopping. Now there is even more helpful items, brutal weapons, and unique storylines to enjoy.