Ubisoft Claims It Is Conducting Research Into NFTs And Blockchain Technology

Ubisoft Claims It Is Conducting Research Into NFTs And Blockchain Technology
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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently highlighted the company’s plans regarding NFTs and the blockchain. He stated that the studio was considering taking a step back from its previous stance. According to the CEO, Ubisoft has been in “research mode” for the time being. According to Guillemot, the company’s lack of transparency about NFTs and the blockchain is to blame for most of the tensions that have arisen.

Each and every one of the cutting-edge innovations receives our full attention. When it comes to the cloud, the next generation of voxels, and exploring all the Web3 potential, we are all in, as Guillemot has said.

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Recently, we conducted several experiments that are shedding light on its potential applications and next steps in the video game industry. We are putting several games through their paces to evaluate if they satisfy players. However, I would argue that we are still in the research phase.

Guillemot said in a more recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz that “we perhaps were not adept at indicating we are studying.” We should have told you we were working on a solution and that we’d bring it to you as soon as we had anything that would actually help you.

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The CEO continued by saying that the corporation had made an early investment in virtual reality technology and Nintendo’s Wii console. In this company, experimentation is constant. It’s a gamble, and it doesn’t always pan out, but it’s always with the intention of giving players something fresh and exciting.

Since there is less competition and individuals are more interested in trying new things with new technology, it is in the company’s best advantage to adopt and experiment with cutting-edge tools whenever possible.

Guillemot argued, somewhat unconvincingly, that exploratory activity is distinct from rocket propulsion. This sector is rapidly developing, yet it is extremely wary of the consequences of any changes. It’s not perfect at first, but that’s because it’s still being developed, just like other new technology.