Possible Title And Setting Reveal For The Crew 3 Comes From Latest Rumor

Possible Title And Setting Reveal For The Crew 3 Comes From Latest Rumor
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The Crew 3 may not have any The Crew branding but will adopt a new name and bring a new setting into the franchise. The Crew is a unique racing series that has yet to take off like other major racing games. The franchise is owned and developed by Ubisoft.

In a time when Forza Horizon predominates the racing genre by a wide margin, The Crew was an intriguing concept; but the game has yet to seem like a direct competitor to the Xbox racing series. The first game in the series enables players to race throughout the entirety of the United States using high-powered automobiles.

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The second game added elements such as watercraft and aircraft to the mix. Even though Ubisoft has yet to make an official announcement regarding a third game, there have been rumors that one will be released shortly.

A new rumor has surfaced, courtesy of Tom Henderson and Nick Baker at Insider Gaming. This report says that The Crew 3 might bring the series to the state of Hawaii, specifically the island of Oahu. Insider Gaming has obtained photos suggesting that The Crew 3 would be rebranded as Motorfest rather than keeping The Crew name.

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It needs to be clarified whether or not that is the case since it was believed that this might be a significant component in the game and is not the game’s name, although there is no way to determine it at present. However, it is not entirely apparent whether or not that is the case. It is currently unknown when Ubisoft plans to announce the new racing game or when the game itself may be made available for purchase, so neither of these questions can be answered.

The possibility that The Crew 3 may take place in Hawaii offers a very different picture of the third installment in the series, which may assist in explaining why the film is rumored to be adopting a new persona.