Twitch Introduces Soundtrack Creator Tool For Copyrights-free Music, Waitlist Beta Now Available

Twitch Introduces Soundtrack Creator Tool For Copyrights-free Music, Waitlist Beta Now Available
Credit: Twitch

Rejoice for your favorite Twitch streamer as the unveils its DMCA violation-free software. Content creators can join the beta waitlist as soon as today!

Named the Soundtrack, the music creator tool will feature “fresh, independent artists are all cleared for worldwide listening during your live streams. The Amazon-owned company also highlights its blog that using this software will guarantee archived videos not being muted or receiving strikes for copyrighted songs. This move by Twitch is in hopes of ending the never-ending DMCA violations from its streamers.

The official Twitter page writes, “Introducing Soundtrack by Twitch (Beta), a rights-cleared music tool designed specifically for Twitch creators. Stream worry-free with our highly curated music library, rolling out starting today.”

The Soundtrack software can curate to streamers who use OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and Twitch Studio. Its music library includes independent artists that have cleared their music for public consumption. The music player will have its playlists and station components. Moreover, though music will play during livestreams as intended, it’s not going to be included in the VODs.

Limited information is being released on artists who agreed to be featured on Soundtrack. A few confirmed featured musicians include mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, Above & Beyond, RAC, and SwuM. The announcement blog also states that a music curation division is being created within Twitch to cater to various streamers’ music tastes. It also promises to expand its Playlists and Stations moving forward.

It can be remembered that when music studios became aware of streamers playing their songs in the background while playing video games, DMCA strikes flooded the community. A few got their VODs taken down and muted, while others got copyright strikes on their platform. Many streamers made their move right away and deleted their videos before music studios can find out.

Twitch also named numerous labels and distribution partners on its blog, such as Insomniac, cdbaby, Westwood Recordings, Plus Music, and Create Music Group.

Twitch also tweets regarding artists who want to be featured in the Soundtrack. According to the company’s FAQ page, they have to be signed to one of Twitch’s partnered labels. Musicians can then request their music to be included through these companies. Upon submitting their music, it is still not guaranteed to be featured, though. Curators will then review the music and will make “considerable effort” for them to be available.

On its blog, the streaming platform also named its preferred distributors as DistroKid or SoundCloud.