Sweeps Mudgolems In The Finals To Win The European Tier 2 BTS Pro Series Season 3 Sweeps Mudgolems In The Finals To Win The European Tier 2 BTS Pro Series Season 3
Credit: Beyond The Summit

With The International being canceled due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, other event organizers are stepping up for Dota 2 fans. Beyond The Summit has renewed its tier two tournament, the Pro Series Season 3. Standing tall over the other eight invited teams, wins the whole competition. Facing mudgolems in the finals, the 3-0 victory still showed some sloppy from the team.

The Pro Series Season 3 title is even more impressive considering was founded just last September. The organization has gone through one major roster uphold, with its current four only joining in November. The team has ground the European pro scene climbing to where they are right now. Analysts agree that is in a strong upward trajectory.

The official Beyond The Summit Twitter page announces, “CONGRATULATIONS to @GGVikin, your #BTSProSeries Season 3 EU/CIS Champions!!! …winning Grand Finals without dropping a game.” Founder and coach ImmortalFaith also rejoiced, tweeting that the team worked hard for this event and confirmed would be joining ESL.

The Romanian eSports org caught the attention of fans and analysts after multiple tier-three 1st place finishes and taking a series off of Team Secret. Captain Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp and the squad became the tier two European team to beat.

During the group stages, landed second with a 5-2-1 record, behind their finals rivals. Ninjas In Pyjamas then dominated the team in the first round of playoffs with a 2-0 win and sending to the lower bracket. Though it was a long road, the group seamlessly moved up for the rest of the postseason, including a semifinals victory over NiP, 2-0.

The top team in the regular season, mudgolems, acquired a record of 6-2-0 and the team to beat during the BTS Pro Series Season 3. The team beat Khan 2-1 in the first round of playoffs, and then NiP 2-0.

Down one map, BoraNija and the whole mudgolems fought back in game two and scared in extending the finals to its full length. mid-laner Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan strong push during the latter part of game two put the period to the finals. With Tobias “Tobi” Buchner’s Underlord and the rest of the squad marching behind, mudgolems settled as the second placer in the event.

As mentioned by the team’s coach,’s next venture will be on ESL One Germany on October 5. This tournament will be a massive step up from the tier-2 scene that they have played, though, as Dota 2 staples like Secret, OG, and Team Liquid will be joining.