Tower of Time Is Planning A Release For PlayStation 4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch Bringing A Rich RPG Dungeon Crawler To A Wider Audience

Tower of Time Is Planning A Release For PlayStation 4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch Bringing A Rich RPG Dungeon Crawler To A Wider Audience
Credit: Digerati via Youtube

Event Horizon is bringing their indie action RPG Tower of Time to multiple consoles later this month. Although this game has already been available through steam the console version will include a revised control scheme along with some other added content.

Enjoy over 50 hours of gameplay in hand-crafted environments as you explore a story-rich dungeon crawling adventure. Using the powers of time players will be able to pause or slow it down to give them a chance at planning tactical decisions mid-battle.

Lead your party of adventurers through a verticle battleground filled with lore, mystery, and combat. This title mixes the nuances of classic RPGs mixed with the power of time. Control the battleground and counter incoming waves of enemies with powerful and devastating maneuvers.

Enter a world where magic and technology blend into a devastating force. As you lead a diverse group of champions through the tower you will find hundreds of lore books scattered around that reveal the true history of Artara.

Plan ahead using the game’s unique Arrow-Time combat system. Slow everything down to a crawl as you plan ahead, reposition your party, and take on new threats. No two encounters are ever the same as each battle presents a unique and new tactical puzzle.

Tower of Time comes with RPGlite and Permadeath modes presenting some variety for fans to enjoy when experiencing this game. The RPGlite mode cuts down on the story leaving players with more party building and tactical combat. As for Permadeath, this mode is recommended for players who enjoy a real challenge and wanna test their skills.

Craft your party, prepare your tactics, and face off against over 50 bosses each with their own unique range of skills and spells. This game comes with five different difficulties included an Epic difficulty that will challenge even the most veteran tacticians.

The console release is expected to commence over the 23rd, 24th and 25th of the month. Each day a different platform will receive a copy of this unique game.

The Steam version has been well received by fans. As of now, the game is sitting with a 9/10 status on fan review giving this game a positive status among its community.

Interested fans can wait for the game’s release on their preferred platform or purchase it now on Steam for $24.99. This will be a complete version of the game on all platforms and systems including the bonus content found in Tower of Time Final Edition.