Customize Your Space Fleet And Destroy The Alien Factions In Event Horizon: Space Defense, Coming To Nintendo Switch

Customize Your Space Fleet And Destroy The Alien Factions In Event Horizon: Space Defense, Coming To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Drageus Games via YouTube

Within the Event Horizon universe, over a dozen alien factions are on a mission to obliterate the gamer’s starbase. Event Horizon: Space Defense is a hardcore arcade-style space shooter that puts the player at the controls of a mighty space fleet.

The gameplay of Event Horizon: Space Defense plays a lot like other arcade space shooters. The player will take down enemies with their spaceship, and if they complete a level, the next one will be a little tougher, and it’ll keep getting harder, allowing gamers to vie for their highest score in this never-ending game.

Gamers will command a spaceship that will be flying around the starbase, which must be protected at all costs.

The IUD may seem a bit confusing at first, but after a quick tutorial match, players should understand it thoroughly.

The top left gauge will show the stats of the space station that the gamer must defend. To the right of that is the number of lives the player’s spaceship has, as well as the armor gauge and energy gauge. Just like most arcade space shooters, one cannot just shoot the whole time rapidly.
As someone shoots, more energy is used up, so players need to be wise to that and strategize accordingly.

There is also a stats bar in the top right corner of the IUD, which will show the stats of the closest enemy ship. To destroy the ship, the gamer needs to deplete the red gauge, which is its armor. And right below that shows the number of enemies still alive in the round.

When all the enemies have been eliminated, the gamer beats the level and wins rewards that can be used to upgrade their space fleet, making it more resilient to enemy attack, as well as more powerful.

The gamer can lose in two ways, by having their spaceship lose all its lives or by the space station being destroyed.

The further the player progresses in the game, the more they’ll unlock; there are over 100 unique spaceships available to be unlocked! The ships are also super customizable. A gamer can change the layout of their spacecraft as well as being able to choose different weapons and upgrade their

Customization is a huge feature in the game, and players will need to master it if they hope to make it to the higher levels.

So, if gamers are interested in Event Horizon: Space Defense, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch December 13th, and they can buy it right through the Nintendo eShop for $6.99.