Tom Holland Says The Uncharted Movie Will Begin Filming Within The Next Few Weeks

Tom Holland Says The Uncharted Movie Will Begin Filming Within The Next Few Weeks
Credit: Sony

Tom Holland, who is set to play the role of Nathan Drake, says that the long-delayed Uncharted movie is scheduled to begin filming within the next month.

While speaking with IGN, Holland talked about how he landed the role in the Uncharted movie, saying that his meeting with Sony Pictures took place shortly after he finished up the video game series. He also added that the film adaptation will begin shooting in roughly four weeks.

“It was interesting, when I sat down with (Sony Pictures chairman) Tom Rothman and we were talking about video games,” said Holland while speaking with IGN. “And I was like ‘Oh, I’ve just finished Uncharted,’ and he was like, ‘well, why don’t you play Nathan Drake?’ I remember being like, ‘I would do anything to play Nathan Drake. Please, that would be amazing.’ So yeah, we start shooting in like four weeks. It’s going to be an exciting one.”

In the same interview, Holland praised the movie’s script, saying it’s one of the best he’s ever read. He also added that Mark Wahlberg, who will play Victor Sullivan, is going to “kill it” as Sully. As of right now, Holland and Wahlberg are the only two actors who are confirmed for the movie.

In addition to praising the script, Holland said that the Uncharted movie adaptation will provide something new for fans of the video game series, as he revealed that it’ll be a prequel to the games. So, don’t expect to see characters like Elena Fisher or Chloe Frazer appear in the first movie, but we might see Nathan’s brother, Sam Drake, appear alongside Holland.

We got a brief glimpse of what Nathan Drake’s younger years were like in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, as the game detailed how the series’ main protagonist met his mentor Victor Sullivan. Naughty Dog then expanded upon Nathan’s backstory in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, as it shed some more light on who his parents were and why he and his brother Sam were interested in finding Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure.

As of this writing, the Uncharted movie still doesn’t have a director, so it’s hard to imagine that the movie will begin filming in just a few weeks. Of course, there’s a slight possibility that the movie does have a new director, but Sony hasn’t revealed who it’ll be.

Regardless of whether or not the movie has a director, people are now expecting the Uncharted movie to begin filming this spring.