Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary Of Predecessor With In-Game Event

Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary Of Predecessor With In-Game Event
Credit: Age of Empires via YouTube

It’s been a busy, busy month for Age of Empires, and now they’re here to celebrate the second anniversary of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition with a fun in-game event! There’s also a massive patch going live, so make sure to read up on our rundown of the changes here, including the new autoscouting feature!

But not all of the changes coming are permanent. The anniversary celebration that’s in place now won’t be – unfortunately, it’s only available until March 12th. However, between now and then, you can earn a sizeable number of rewards to celebrate the franchise! To be clear, the game being celebrated here isn’t the anniversary of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, but the Definitive Edition of the first Age of Empires title, which released back in 2018.

By completing in-game tasks within a time limit, players will be able to earn the rewards of the event, including new Profile Icons, unique unit skins, and even a new cheat code. We’ve summarized the challenges and the rewards for each below.

Players can unlock the Priest profile icon as well as the original Age of Empires Scout Skin by signing into Xbox Live during the event. By earning the “21st Century” achievement in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, players will unlock the Photon-Man cheat code permanently.

The Photon-Man cheat code will allow you to summon a Photon-Man at your Town Center, an incredibly powerful ranged unit that attacks ten times per second, with both a range and damage of 15, as well as 100 health. For comparison, the highest upgrade of the Archer, the Arbalester, attacks once every two seconds, with 5 range, 6 damage, and only 40 health.

Training a Champion in any Standard or Multiplayer Game will unlock the Legion Skin for your Champion units. By reaching Castle Age from Dark Age in any Standard or Multiplayer game, you’ll unlock the Legion Profile Icon. Converting an enemy unit using a monk will unlock the Priest skin for your monks, and reaching Imperial Age from Dark Age will provide you with the Party Man profile icon.

Finally, by constructing a Wonder, players will unlock the classic and iconic Wololo sound for monks when converting. Unfortunately, not all of these rewards will be staying. Players will be able to keep all Profile Icons and the Photon Man unit skin if they can complete the tasks before March 12th hits, but will be losing the other rewards and skins. Make sure you grab them before the celebrations end!