The Zombie Game Days Gone Just Got A New Mode Called Dead Don’t Ride; Features A Race Against The Clock In A Golf Cart

The Zombie Game Days Gone Just Got A New Mode Called Dead Don’t Ride; Features A Race Against The Clock In A Golf Cart
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

Zombie games are all the rage nowadays. It’s not surprising why, either. People love their zombies. They love seeing them get destroyed in unique and memorable ways. We’ve seen dozens of these games over the years.

One of the more recent titles was Days Gone, a third-person action-adventure experience developed by SIE Bend Studio. The game has been pretty successful all things considered. Sure, there were a few bugs at launch — but they were quickly identified and corrected.

It’s these constant updates from the developers that shows promise for an even better zombie thriller. The most recent update includes a pretty interesting mode referred to as Dead Don’t Ride. It lets you wheel people around in a golf cart to various destinations within a time limit.

It sounds like a pretty simple event, but it’s more fun that what the description portrays. If you’ve ever played the cult hit Crazy Taxi, then this mode is right up your alley. Instead of buzzing around a busy city, though, you’ll enjoy a slower-paced ride around open spaces.

You pick up injured people and try to get them to their destination before the clock runs out. Along the way, you’ll run into a bunch of zombies. Some of your tasks actually call for you to hit them with your golf cart, which as you can imagine, never gets old.

They’re in the way and it’s up to you to drive right through them to save your passengers in need. Also interesting is the custom soundtrack you’ll get to hear while driving passengers around. It helps set the mood while you’re waiting to pick up and drop off passengers.

Overall, Dead Don’t Ride seems like a pretty creative and fun mode for Days Gone. It’s a completely different experience than what the main campaign offers. Instead of going around from settlement to settlement trying to survive, you’re just looking to have fun in a fun little golf cart.

This mode is fun to see in a game that took itself pretty seriously up to this point. Every now and then, you like to see developers turn the page with something novel. This mode certainly gives Days Gone a new feel that many have wanted for several months now.

It will be interesting to see what more modes like this SIE Bend Studio can come up with. If they continue to push the envelope and give users unique experiences, they can make Days Gone even more successful.