The World Of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International Has Crowned A Grand Champion!

The World Of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International Has Crowned A Grand Champion!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Over the last few months, the Mythic Dungeon International has raged on, with the finals having taken place this week. After the lengthy group stage sent eight teams to battle it out for world supremacy, only one was able to be crowned a victor.

The entirety of the finals week was filled with massive amounts of drama and stupendous displays from some of the best players in the world. With four teams from North America and four from Europe clashing together, it was anyone’s tournament to win.

Eventually, things were narrowed down to two incredible teams: Wunderbar and Golden Guardians. With victory in the grasp of either team, the best-of-five grand finals began to cap off the whole tournament.

Wunderbar, previously known as Method EU, were generally considered favorites of the tournament through and through. Representing North America, the Golden Guardians had more than earned their spot as well.

With Golden Guardians banning Siege of Boralus and Wunderbar banning Junkyard, the players had their course set. For the best of five, the two teams had Workshop, Waycrest Manor, Kings’ Rest, The Motherlode, and Freehold as their challenges.

Beginning with Workshop, Wunderbar managed to take the victory after both teams put in a wonderful showing. Keeping an incredibly close time with each other while both teams only had a single death, Wunderbar’s victory was one of a matter of seconds.

Moving into Waycrest Manor, both teams struck disaster with early wipes to the trash mobs in front of the Soulbound Goliath. Wunderbar, however, weren’t able to come back from their wipe that cost them a significantly higher amount of time, granting the victory to Golden Guardians.

With Kings’ Rest on the table, Golden Guardians hit an early catastrophe with a wipe to the first pull before the Golden Serpent. With a steady lead, Wunderbar kept a clean run to claim their second victory, needing only one more for the championship crown.

Golden Guardians, however, weren’t about to give them such an easy victory, claiming victory in The Motherlode shortly after. Just as their mistake had given Wunderbar Kings’ Rest, a cataclysmic mistake from Wunderbar early in the run guaranteed an easy dungeon for Golden Guardians.

With both teams a win away from claiming victory, Freehold was to be the final decider. With Wunderbar holding a slight lead, Golden Guardians ran into a massive snag against the trash before the second boss, earning a set of setbacks that provided Wunderbar the victory.

And with that, Wunderbar has been crowned the Mythic Dungeon International 2020 champions! With this being the final Battle for Azeroth tournament, Wunderbar are the official champions of the Battle for Azeroth expansion as we head into the Shadowlands.