World Of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International EU/Asia Cups Have Crowned A Champion!

World Of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International EU/Asia Cups Have Crowned A Champion!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard’s Mythic Dungeon International has concluded all three of its EU/Asia cups! With the third weekend of the cups down, we have a new winner of the grand finals, as well as a crowned champion of the cups overall.

Even better than that, though, we now have our four teams that will make it to the finals in the summer! As the EU/Asia cups conclude, the top four teams will move on to test themselves in the finals of the Mythic Dungeon International, vying for supremacy once again.

There was a bit of an upset with the winner of this cup’s grand final, as Perplexed fought their way through the lower bracket to challenge Method EU once again. After fighting through a few issues with connection, the battle was underway, with Perplexed claiming the crown for this third cup!

Though Perplexed may have managed to put a smudge on Method EU’s record by denying them a third consecutive cup, Method EU was far from held back. With this second-place finish, Method EU still had enough points to come out in first place for the EU/Asia cups.

With Method EU and Perplexed taking up the first and second spots on the leaderboard respectively, the third and fourth will be joining them. Deplete from Beyond was able to keep their spot steady, but The Boys and Self Reliance battled each other for the fourth spot.

After a set of bizarrely poor showings, Self Reliance crashed out of their tiebreaker against The Boys. Self Reliance accrued double-digit deaths in both matches, going so far as to have eleven deaths within the first pull of Underrot.

That means that our upcoming finals will have Method Eu, Perplexed, Deplete from Beyond, and The Boys coming to vie for supremacy once again! The finals won’t be until this summer, and there’s still half the roster missing.

Once we see how the third NA cup shapes up next weekend, we’ll have our full set of eight teams to compete in the finals. There’s a good chance we could see Method NA and Method EU battle it out, as Method NA currently is in the lead of their NA bracket as well.

While only four teams are moving on, all competitors came with an amazing spirit and some wonderfully entertaining play. Massive amounts of respect are due for all competitors for their great showings and strength in the face of some truly difficult dungeons.

As we wait for next weekend to get underway, World of Warcraft‘s official YouTube account has all the replays available! If you’d like to check out some replays or catch up on what you’ve missed, there’s your best bet.