World Of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International EU & Asia Cup 3 Continues, With Six Teams Still Vying For Victory!

World Of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International EU & Asia Cup 3 Continues, With Six Teams Still Vying For Victory!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard’s Mythic Dungeon International continues! Today was the first day of the third cup of the EU/Asia branch of the tournament, seeing the teams clash together once more to decide which four will become finalists.

With the first day done, we have a top-six of teams that remain. This first day was an interesting one, with some teams remaining solid and others seeming to absolutely crumble!

As the second day begins tomorrow, we know the six teams that will be moving on from the eight. Unfortunately, the teams Diegel Way and Eclatax have been eliminated from any further play in the tournament.

This means that the six teams moving forward will be Method EU, Deplete From Beyond, Self Reliance, Perplexed, The Boys, and Paint For Fem! Somewhere amongst these six sit our four finalists!

As tomorrow goes underway, we have the following matchups to kick things off:

  • Method EU vs. Perplexed
  • Deplete From Beyond vs. The Boys
  • Self Reliance vs. Paint For Fem

Today’s matchups saw a great amount of drama and close calls for the teams involved. After Diegal Way was sent to the Lower Bracket by Perplexed in a 2-0 loss, they were able to pick a map up from The Boys before being knocked out.

Similarly, Eclatax was kicked down into the Lower Bracket by Method EU, the tournament favorites. There, they were able to pick a single map up from Paint For Fem before being knocked out of the tournament as well.

In the meantime, Perplexed went on to defeat Self Reliance in a 2-0 sweep, earning their spot in the upper finals. Method EU soon joined them after a 2-1 victory over Deplete From Beyond.

Down in the lower bracket, we have The Boys moving on from knocking out Diegal Way to face off against Deplete From Beyond. Paint For Fem will face off against Self Reliance now that they’ve successfully knocked Eclatax out.

After tomorrow, we’ll officially know which four teams from the remaining six will move onto the finals. Favorites are Perplexed and Method EU, but the question of which other two teams will join in still remains.

Once we have those four set up, we’ll have to wait until next weekend’s North American Cup 3 finishes up to see the others. The top four of both regions move onto the finals, so we’ll only be able to learn half of the next bracket as this competition comes to a close.

Tomorrow will close out the EU/Asia cups, though, so make sure you tune in to see the drama come to a close!