The Ten New Cards Added To Minion Masters With The New Saving Jadespark Jungle Expansion!

The Ten New Cards Added To Minion Masters With The New Saving Jadespark Jungle Expansion!
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

BetaDwarf’s Minion Masters strategy card-game title has grown rapidly in popularity, and so much of that is because of the indie team’s dedication to adding a great amount of content for its players. Today, the latest expansion of the title, Saving Jadespark Jungle, goes live!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out the coming features with the Saving Jadespark Jungle expansion yet, we highly suggest that you do! There are new adventures, features, and mechanics coming with the expansion, including a solo adventure mode with a free first chapter. There are cards and rewards to unlock here, as well as the lore of the expansion itself.

Most importantly to any deck-building strategy game, though, are the new cards being added. We have ten additions with this expansion, ranging from common deck fillers to bring a few new low-budget options to the game as well as high-cost legendary game-changers – including an actual mountain.

Jade Flingers is up first, a three-cost pair of ranged minions. With a range of 6 and 17 damage, the pair can hit both ground and air, making them a solid addition to your deck. They also feature the new Growthburst shroom, making them a solid addition for a buff.

Ting, Teng, & Tung hit the game as a five-cost legendary trio, with each counting as a single minion despite being stacked on top of each other. One dies for every 33% of health lost, making the creature less effective as it loses health.

High Inquisitor Ardera commands her invading Empyreans from the front as a legendary six-cost, draining 6% of her own health for every second she attacks. When dying, she grants 5 nearby minions Divine Shield and Rage.

Brother of the Burning Fist follows Ardera as a six-cost common. This tanky melee unit does considerable damage, burning the ground around them with his Armor of Holy Fire.

Windwalker Shi-Hou joins in as a common four-cost, jumping in with the other Shi-Hou minions. Focused on aggression, this minion jumps towards the enemy master upon being summoned.

The Ardent Aegis spell can be used to summon a small group of Legionnaires and Crossbow Dudes, as well as healing minions. It’s certainly a powerful support 4-cost spell.

Smite, however, isn’t as interested in support. This five-cost deals heavy damage to all ground minions in an area, and may even set the ground aflame if you’ve built your deck right.

Shen’s Shock Stick comes as the third spell, a three-cost that gains charges as you plant Growthburst Shrooms, up to four charges. When using the spell, it casts a Growthburst Shroom, as well as shooting out a Shock Rock spell for every charge.

The Jadespark Watchers are here to defend their home. A bit pricy as an eight-cost summon, it brings with it 2 Shi-Hou, 2 Mu-Hou, and 2 Growthburst Shrooms, which can really turn a battle in your favor.

And last is among the most terrifying things you can fight, Jahun, Keeper of Jadespark. Jahun is a full ten-cost, but can hit both ground and air and take down a good deal of enemies with a single hit. A bit slow, Jahun also gives you a Sunder card, which allows you to pull a rock from the ground and deal 75 damage in an area twice.

And those are the ten new cards being added! If we’re anything alike, you’re already designing a deck around them – especially Jahun, who seems as fun as he does eldritchly terrifying. Whatever you want to build, get out there and save Jadespark!