The Stand On The Xbox Series X Cannot Be Removed, But There Is A Good Reason For It

The Stand On The Xbox Series X Cannot Be Removed, But There Is A Good Reason For It
Credit: Xbox Via YouTube

Do you store your console horizontally or vertically?

Since the PlayStation 2 first presented us with this option, it has been fascinating to watch gamers struggle with this decision.

Many gamers like to store their console horizontally because it just fits better in a lot more places. Vertical storage can be a bit of a pain, resulting in the system either being up on top of an entertainment center or down on the floor.

On November 10, the Xbox Series X, Microsoft‘s next generation console, will release. The excitement level for this system is high, especially with it selling at a lower price than expected of $499. But there is a key element to the console’s design that many are questioning.

The Xbox Series X has a stand at the bottom that is permanent. It cannot be removed, which seemed as though Microsoft was forcing players to store the console in a vertical position. That’s not the case, but the company has a clear preference for vertical storage.

While it might not be the most accommodating setup in the world, there is a good reason for it.

Xbox consoles have a history of overheating. This was especially true during the Xbox 360 generation. An overheated 360 would display a pair of red lights over the circular power button, which many still refer to as “the red ring of death.”

Microsoft has come up with a solution to this issue in the Series X, but it’s going to require players to alter how they store it.

When the console stands vertically, you’ll note that the stand curves slightly upward. This allows for air to be sucked into the console from the bottom. That air passes over all of the internal components, cooling them before they are vented out through the top of the device.

This would seemingly counteract overheating issues, which still cause problems for games that have a large amount of processing power.

The Xbox Series S is optimized for both horizontal and vertical storage, which should go to show how much more powerful the Series X actually is. More power means more strain on the internal components. That means more issues could arise from overheating.

The release date and pricing for the Series X and Series S were put out just a few days ago, with pre-orders going on sale September 22. Now, all eyes are turning to Sony and the PlayStation 5, which has yet to reveal any pricing, preorder, or release information.