More Than 10% Of Game Developers Are Already Developing Titles For PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X

More Than 10% Of Game Developers Are Already Developing Titles For PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X
Credit: Xbox Via YouTube

To many, the next generation of gaming consoles might seem far off, not to hit our living rooms until the holiday season. But for game developers, who have to think years in advance, the landscape of the gaming world has already changed.

Sony is stepping back up to the plate, ready to defend its title as the best-selling console with the PlayStation 5. Microsoft will be challenging them with the Xbox Series X, which was originally known as Project Scarlett.

When a new console generation debuts, there’s always a bit of overlap, with games still coming out for the previous generation. But of course, the new consoles need content, which means developers are already churning out titles for these two breathtaking devices.

In a survey conducted on behalf of the Game Developers Conference, nearly 4,000 developers were polled on a number of topics, including their current and future projects. The survey showed that 23% of respondents believed that their next game will launch on the PlayStation 5. Another 11% are actively developing titles for this new console.

On the other side of the coin, developers were also at work on games for the Xbox series X. Of the polled developers, 17% believe that their next title will be released on the Xbox Series X with 9% actively working on games for the console.

Responses also showed a level of excitement among developers at the speed and power represented by these new machines. More than 38% of developers expressed interest in making games for the PS5 with 25% saying they wanted to develop titles for Xbox Series X.

Nintendo is also still a part of this console generation, and should not be overlooked. The survey saw 37% of respondents say that they want to make Switch games. This puts interest in the Xbox Series X in last place, with Sony and Nintendo taking the lead position.

That’s not shocking, as the PlayStation 4 rose up the ranks to become the second highest selling game console of all time. A lot of that had to do with mistakes made my Microsoft during the launch of the Xbox One. The company seemed to overlook the gaming aspect of the device and wanted to tout the console as an all-in-one entertainment platform, pushing Kinect functionality and voice activated controls.

Sony pushed gaming hard with the PlayStation 4, and sales reflected that. While Microsoft eventually corrected itself and abandoned the Kinect for a more game focused approach, it was too little too late to close the gap.

However, a new console generation is a whole new ball game and it will be interesting to see what Sony and Microsoft bring to the table this holiday season.