The Popular For Honor Is Probably Getting Crossplay Here Pretty Soon According To Ubisoft CEO

The Popular For Honor Is Probably Getting Crossplay Here Pretty Soon According To Ubisoft CEO
Credit: GrimReplay via YouTube

For Honor has been one of the more popular online multiplayer experiences in recent memory. It gives players the chance to become elite soldiers of the past. There are a lot of different factions to experience, such as Samurai warriors and Viking soldiers. The developers at Ubisoft Montreal did great work at painting the picture of these historical eras and soldiers.

The game first released in 2017, and thus far, it has caught on like wildfire in the gaming community. The campaign is captivating and the PvP modes will have you coming back time and time again. Thus far — though — For Honor has not had crossplay. That is apparently about to change, however.

This feature was confirmed by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. He shared these details in a recent earnings call. It’s not something that users will have to wait for a long time to get, either. It is currently being worked on at this very moment.

It’s not surprising to see Ubisoft take this crossplay direction. It’s a feature popping up in more and more online multiplayer games. The ability to play with gamers using any console is amazing to see realized. It opens up online multiplayer experiences to so many more possibilities.

You probably have friends who own one console only and a lot of times it’s the console you don’t have yourself. In For Honor, that won’t matter. Crossplay gives you the ability to play with whoever you want on any system or console.

The addition of crossplay should make For Honor that much more popular, which is hard to imagine considering the positive reception it has already received. This game really does have everything you want in an online multiplayer.

The combat system shines with its defensive-minded design. Instead of hacking away at opponents and enemies in the campaign, you’re forced to use strategy. You have to guess what the opponent is going to throw in order to block and then make a successful counter right after.

The character options are also a shining aspect of For Honor. In each available faction, there are numerous warrior classes you can try out. For example, some classes are heavy-duty and are great at taking damage while others are more agile.

Ubisoft seems keen on continuing to make improvements on an already great game, which is clear with the amount of updates they’ve pushed out these last few months. Crossplay will make the title even more amazing.