The PlayStation 5 Start-Up Sound Has Been Revealed In An Advertisement For Burger King

The PlayStation 5 Start-Up Sound Has Been Revealed In An Advertisement For Burger King
Credit: Sony

A system’s start-up sound is a lot more important than it might seem to non-gamers. It’s the sound that welcomes you into the console and launches your gaming experience. We grow accustomed to this sound over the years, having an almost Pavlovian reaction upon hearing it.

Perhaps one of the most iconic start-up sounds in the history of gaming was for the original Sony PlayStation. That booming noise and subsequent twinkle meant that gaming time had begun for everyone.

Now, with two brand new systems just mere weeks away from release, players are getting their first sample of what Sony has in store for the next generation. The start-up sound for the PlayStation 5 has been revealed, though not in the way many were expecting.

We got to hear the sound of future games for the first time in an advertisement for the fast food chain restaurant Burger King.

The advert, which can be seen in the player above, is only 15 seconds long, but it has already captured the full attention of the gaming world.

The official name of the commercial is “Look What The King’s Got.”

There is no dialogue whatsoever. We simply have the (kinda creepy) Burger King mascot, which is a King with a plastic grinning face, standing behind the counter at one of the restaurants.

The king picks up a bag, which is much larger than your average Burger King order, and opens it. A blue light shines out from within the bag and we hear it.

Four light simple tones. That’s all it is. Just four little beats that will usher in years of gameplay for people all over the world for the foreseeable future.

The king then closes the bag and walks off with it.

Sony is going to be partnering with Burger King throughout the US and other areas, giving customers the chance to enter into a sweepstakes through the restaurant to win a PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 has been the subject of a lot of speculation and scrutiny in recent weeks. It was announced that the new system will be compatible with the overwhelming majority of PlayStation 4 titles. Sony has confirmed that 99% of the PS4 library will work on the new console.

Certain games will even be amplified with it, using a new system called Game Boost. Ghost of Tsushima, which released earlier this year on the PlayStation 4, is one of those games. It will be bumped up to 60FPS when used on the PlayStation 5.

The PS5 releases on November 12 in certain areas, with a global release coming on November 19.