Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Logo On Social Media Platforms, And It Looks Very Familiar

Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Logo On Social Media Platforms, And It Looks Very Familiar
Credit: Sony

Sony wasted no time kicking off 2020 by showing us their number one priority for the new year. The company shared an image on social media this week, revealing the official first look at the logo for the PlayStation 5 console, which is due out later this year.

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Welcome to 2020. #PS5

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As was expected by most, the PlayStation 5’s logo is simple in nature. It’s a black background with white text that just says “PS5.” Also, the font used is the same as that of the PlayStation 4 logo, so it seems as though Sony is trying to have a smooth and peaceful transition between consoles, at least from a branding perspective.

The PlayStation 4 logo, which we’ve all come to know over the life cycle of this current console generation is a blue background with “PS4” written in white.

It makes sense that Sony would opt for nothing more than a simple color change for the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 4 is a popular system and has become synonymous with quality since its release. That is opposed to the mixed feelings most had for the Xbox One when it rolled out, as it was focusing mostly on being an all-in-one entertainment system with enhanced Kinect functionality like motion controls and voice activation.

This didn’t sit all that well with the gaming community, who flocked to Sony’s more game-centric approach to a console. As such, the PlayStation 4 became a dominant force in the gaming world.

The fact that a series of quality fan-favorite exclusive games were released for the console also helped Sony rise to the top of this generation’s console wars. Games like God of War, Spider-Man, and the PS4 remastered version of The Last of Us showed off the power of the console while also delivering some masterful storytelling and thrilling gameplay.

The PlayStation 4 is the second highest selling console of all time, thanks in no small part to all of these various factors. The highest selling console of all time, however, is still the PlayStation 2.

With the release of every new console generation, the deck is reshuffled.  Let’s not forget that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ran virtually neck and neck for the entirety of their runs.

Now, we stand at the dawn of a new console war, with the PlayStation 5 hoping to retain Sony’s crown as it faces off against the powerhouse Xbox Series X (formerly codenamed Project Scarlett).

Microsoft has clearly learned from past mistakes, with a heavy gaming focus being pushed right off the bat. It will be interesting to see if Sony can stay at the top of the mountain with the PlayStation 5.