The Last Taxi Is An Upcoming VR Narrative Indie Game From Developer ZenFri Headed For All Major Headsets

The Last Taxi Is An Upcoming VR Narrative Indie Game From Developer ZenFri Headed For All Major Headsets
Credit: The Last Taxi via Youtube

A unique taxi game is headed to VR platforms as Canadian developer ZenFri reveals The Last Taxi. Enter a sprawling metropolis where inequality is a part of society. As the last human taxi driver on Earth, you get to transport an unexpected passenger who thrusts you into a deep conspiracy that shakes the city to its very core.

Prepare your VR system and become immersed in a unique and futuristic world. Explore the dark underground network and experience life as the last taxi driver. Each passenger shares a small part of their own story, coming together in an overall narrative that will spark the mind.

Enter a civilization that has been reinforced with surveillance, automation, and human modifications. Work long hours for horrible pay as you play as the driver of The Last Taxi. 

Your journey starts when a fatally wounded member of an anti-technology cult leaves an undocumented infant in your cab. Enter a world of dark secrets as you travel through a unique multi-tasking cab adventure. Make decisions and see where this journey can take you.

Your job is to keep your passengers comfortable, happy, and generous. Interact with them through a series of dialogue choices that will lead to multiple endings. It is up to you whether you keep the tips rolling or insult them directly.

Listening to your clients can be just as profitable as their tips. Progression Point’s governmental regulations require all taxis to be fitted with mandatory listening devices. With a push of a button, suspicious passengers can be reported to the authorities for some side cash.

Earn tips as you navigate through 80 different passenger experiences. Each one comes with its own strange or dangerous results depending on the dialogue choices used. Help criminal passengers reconsider their actions or report them to the authorities, the choice remains yours.

Upgrade the taxi for optimum profit. Whether your adding new tools or enhancing the customer experience players can find the taxi to be just as important as the conversations they are having.

Maximizing fares by keeping your taxi in the best condition. Experience a rich and detailed world full of technology and mystery. With over 10 hours of gameplay, players are welcomed with over 20 unique endings resulting from their choices.

The Last Taxi is still awaiting a release date. Interested fans can wishlist this on Steam or their preferred VR store. The game is expected to work on all major headset brands.