The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Nearing The End Of Development; The Wait Is Worth It For PS4 Users

The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Nearing The End Of Development; The Wait Is Worth It For PS4 Users
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There is only one more day left in 2019. Overall, it was a phenomenal year for gaming. We saw a ton of amazing releases, from Resident Evil 2 to The Outer Worlds. As we approach 2020, there is a whole new list of games that fans are eager to get their hands on.

One of the most anticipated has to be The Last of Us Part 2 by Naughty Dog. It’s nearing the end of development, thankfully. It has been in the works for quite a long time now. Fans have waited anxiously to see where the developers take the emotional story of Joel and Ellie, the two main protagonists from the first game. They’ve been through quite the journey and judging by all that we know about the sequel, their character arcs are far from over.

Fans have longed for this sequel, and even though the game isn’t scheduled to release until May of 2020, the delay is certainly worth it for PlayStation 4 users. They’ll get to see how Ellie and Joel have matured after the trials and tribulations they faced in the original.

We know that Ellie is much older now. She’s been forced to endure a lot at such an early age, so much so that it makes sense that she’ll have a jaded mindset heading into this sequel. As far as Joel, not much has been really shown of him in some of the trailers that have popped up in 2019. That mystery could reveal itself in a number of ways, whether Joel takes a more hands-off approach in the sequel or jumps right back in the action with Ellie. The possibilities on paper are endless.

Also, it looks like the combat is much improved in the sequel. The first game nailed this aspect down perfectly. Aiming and shooting feel very realistic, so it’s incredible to see Naughty Dog upping the realism and combat immersion.

You have to give credit to Naughty Dog as well. Where they ended the first game, it seemed like that would be it for the series. Yet, after seeing how much commercial success the original game had, they decided to keep the franchise alive. They have a lot to live up to with this sequel as fans will be looking for something truly spectacular as we approach the next wave of consoles.

Naughty Dog seems poised to deliver an amazing product, though. We’ll all soon find out in just a couple of months.