The Hand of Merlin Is Launching Into Steam Early Access In May

The Hand of Merlin Is Launching Into Steam Early Access In May
Credit: The Hand of Merlin

From indie developer, Room-C Games comes a unique partnership with publisher Versus Evil. The Hand of Merlin is a rogue-lite RPG title coming to Steam through the Early Access program. This unique title is based within the Arthurian legend as it mixes in a dash of sci-fi horror creating a unique and thrilling world.

The game’s story is written by Jonas Kyratzes who is the mind behind The Talos Principle and Serious Sam 4. While the game is inspired by Arthurian legend, the gameplay itself looks more like XCOM or The Banner Saga. Players who enjoy tactical experiences will find a unique challenge housed within this RPG title.

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Enter a land where Arthurian legend and sci-fi horror mix as mortal heroes take on otherworldly evil. The Hand of Merlin places players in a world where they search for fragments of their own souls. With each piece scattered across the multiverse, it is up to players to save as many worlds as possible.

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Travel with three mortal heroes as you travel from Albion all the way to Jerusalem. This is a richly imagined medieval setting placed on the brink of the apocalypse. Explore the land and finds secrets hidden in unlikely places.

This game includes traveling merchants, a hero improvement system, and hidden relics. Players must travel across the land in their own style as they make choices on every turn. Plan, prepare, negotiate, fight, and barter to make it through tons of different challenges on a unique path.

Each decision made is permanent so players need to think through their actions. Once a decision is made, the game progresses and the story adapts to the choice. Master tactics, explore the land, and take on both human and demonic enemies.

While the narrative is non-linear the combat is placed in a tactical turn-based style. Players need to think through their assault if they are to conquer any of the foes who stand in their path.

Relics will empower players but they are not easy to achieve. Use equipment, magic, and more to try and understand the evolving world you have become apart of. Then, once you think you understand, jump from one dimension to the next as history warps and narrative refocuses.

This title is good for more ages but it will be a difficult journey. Players should be familiar with tactical battle games if they hope to succeed in this quest.

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The Hand of Merlin is set to launch into Steam Early Access in May.