The Falconeer Is One Of The More Unique Fantasy Games Set To Come Out This Year

The Falconeer Is One Of The More Unique Fantasy Games Set To Come Out This Year
Credit: Wired Productions via YouTube

2020 is positioned to be one of the bigger years in gaming in recent memory. So many amazing AAA games are set to release, from Cyberpunk 2077 to Doom Eternal. There is something for every fanatic, it seems. However, one of the more unique games coming out this year has to be The Falconeer by Tomas Sala.

The premise has never been featured before, so right away, The Falconeer’s novelty has a lot going for it. You get to control large falcons like they’re modern fighter jets. It’s taking dog-fighting to the next level in the air. Just looking at some of the recent gameplay teasers, The Falconeer looks like it’s full of non-stop action.

Set in The Great Ursee, this RPG features ocean-ended environments unlike anything you’ve seen before. There are miles and miles of ocean to explore. The visuals are downright jaw-dropping too, from the crisp clear waters to the thunderous clouds giving added tension to your aerial battles.

You’ll search The Great Ursee for mysterious secrets that could have life-changing ramifications. All the while, you’ll be competing against rival factions who’re out to claim the same rewards, although with impure motives.

Where this game really shines, based on recent trailers, is the dog-fighting mechanics. You wouldn’t think that a falcon would be able to outperform a jet, but in many ways, it can. It can soar to great heights and do barrel rolls like they’re nothing. The flight controls feel so seamless too, even if you’re picking up the sticks for the first time.

You won’t just be fighting other falcons and their riders, either. There are also flying beetles, manta rays, and even large airships. The developers have done an incredible job at setting you up for some memorable aerial battles, ones that you don’t ever see to this extent.

It’s crazy to contemplate how incredible this game looks and plays even though it’s not backed by a major developer. Rather, Tomas Sala is just an independent game artist and designer. He’s dedicated his time to bringing The Falconeer to life, and thus far, his work seems to be paying off.

If there was ever a game to keep a lookout for in 2020, it’s this one. You’ll be drawn into the beautiful open worlds and intense combat from the jump. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this game earn a ton of awards; that’s how unique the visuals and gameplay elements are.