Thanks To A New Trailer, We Now Have More Concrete Details On Marvel’s Avengers By Crystal Dynamics

Thanks To A New Trailer, We Now Have More Concrete Details On Marvel’s Avengers By Crystal Dynamics
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Out of all the games expected to release next year (2020), one of the more anticipated is Marvel’s Avengers. The game features the iconic superheroes that have captured the hearts of so many people around the world. In this game, you’ll get to play as all of the greats including Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor.

The promise of going into battle with each one of these superheroes is worth the price of admission alone. So far, we’ve seen some trailers for the story and gameplay. Marvel’s Avengers is shaping up to be quite the action-adventure game.

Another trailer just surfaced that breaks down the game even more. So if you’ve wondered what sort of adventures you’ll be able to go on as these epic characters, you might want to check the trailer out now.

It kicks off confirming details we already know. This is a third-person action game that lets you control the Avengers like never before. The events in the story kick off with A-Day, a celebration for everything these heroes have done for the world as a whole. The event also showcases a new reactor, which goes haywire and leaves San Francisco in shambles. The Avengers are blamed for the terrible tragedy. Thanks to government pressure and backlash, the group decides to disband.

AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) quickly takes their place as the party responsible for dealing with Earth’s most deadly threats. Their resources give birth to advanced robot soldiers. Unfortunately, the agency’s intentions don’t seem to be pure and they are in fact linked to a conspiracy against the superheroes.

Looking to clear the Avengers’ name, Ms. Marvel steps up and tries to get the gang back together. She has incredible super powers, such as the ability to stretch her limbs in surrealistic ways.

The main base that you’ll be upgrading throughout the main story is a de-commissioned heli-carrier. The narrator of the trailer then confirms you’ll be able to customize your heroes to play solo or with a group of friends. Thus, co-op seems to be like an important design for this game. It’s not surprising. More and more games are moving towards this direction as well.

Overall, this is a great trailer that sheds light on what you’ll be doing and the threats you’ll face. Crystal Dynamics appears to be making one of the best superhero games yet, which will be available May 15, 2020.