Super Mario Maker 2 Is Finally Out For The Nintendo Switch; Shows Of All-New Features

Super Mario Maker 2 Is Finally Out For The Nintendo Switch; Shows Of All-New Features
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Super Mario Maker 2 by Nintendo is finally out for the Switch. It has been one of the more anticipated titles for the system. Like the original, the game features platforming action and a pretty competent stage creation platform. There are so many new features and content included in this game as well.

Let’s start off going over the pretty in-depth story mode. It’s a new feature that could really be a stand-alone game, honestly. The plot is pretty simple. Undo Dog has accidentally destroyed Peach’s castle and it’s up to Mario to restore it back to its original form. To earn coins for the restoration, you’ll have to complete levels. They start off pretty easy, but soon get difficult the longer you play. Some of the levels will challenge you, but completing them is so satisfying.

In this story mode, there are over 100 levels to experience. That’s quite a bit of content you have to look forward to, without ever venturing off into the online mode. The best part about this story mode is all of the creativity that went into the level designs. Each one is unique in its own way. You thus never really get a sense of repetition, even after having played through dozens of them.

Where this game really shines — which isn’t really a surprise — is its level creation tools. You have so many at your disposal. Using them with the controller is a huge improvement from the original game on the Wii U system. Navigating the various tools and settings can be a little challenging at first, but there are actual tutorial guides available. They’ll walk you through the basic controls. After spending some time with this level creator, you’ll feel like a competent designer.

Seeing your creations unfold and actually playing them never gets old. You could pour hours into this system and never feel fatigued. In addition to playing your own created levels, you can play levels made by the community. It’s amazing to see what fellow Nintendo Switch users have come up with. Some levels are absolutely insane and others have more polish to them. The added variety makes you want to revisit the shared community levels over and over.

Being able to customize your own Mario levels on the go with a Switch is worth the price of admission alone. If you’re looking for a good time and difficult platforming at times, Super Mario Maker 2 is a goldmine.