Steam’s Most Played Titles See A Massive Drop For Fall Guys While Rocket League Climbs

Steam’s Most Played Titles See A Massive Drop For Fall Guys While Rocket League Climbs
Credit: Valve Corporation

There is something to be said for tracking the proverbial flavors of the week on Steam; it encourages players to constantly shift up their games to match up whichever titles are offering the largest player populations at the moment.

Granted, there’s also something to be said for re-queueing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to pass that coveted 10,000-hour mark, but there’s only so many cheaters one can possibly handle in any given day.

Thus, tracking the most-played titles currently on Steam allows players that are looking to spice up the standard rotation of titles a guide to see which ones they should be currently looking at.

You can always figure the most-played titles on Steam at any given time using Steam Charts, a third-party online application that offers in-depth statistics (the best that they can figure) of how many is playing what, or by using Steam’s own offered stats on their website.

With this being said, Fall Guys has experienced a drastic fall-off after going viral on its release as the title readies to enter its second season of competition; it has dropped from top ten to sixteenth in most played at a 24-hour high of 59,448, roughly a third of its peak at 172,213.

Rocket League has clawed its way back up the board on the back of it dropping the free-to-play after the Epic buyout, slotting in 8th at an all-time high reached last night of 136,062; last night the servers boasted almost 1.5 million players all joined in the fury of soccer.

Among Us continues to enjoy its newly-found success with social manipulation and malding taking a front-and-center stage while obscure tasks are repeated infinitely as murderers crawl about the ship, again showing the importance of a title being played by streamers in order to find success.

Left 4 Dead 2 sees a massive jump in numbers (bringing it to eleventh of the top 20) on the back of the community patch The Last Stand which has now released, breathing what will likely be temporary life into the title: if you’ve been hankering to get back into it, now is the prime time to go explore the undead wastelands for a week or so before interest drops again in lieu for more recent titles.

Of course, the two Valve trophies maintain their spot on the top, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 maintaining their near-permanent spots in the most-player titles of the Steam platform.

We’ll likely see a large shift within a month as Among Us begins falling out of favor and L4D2 deals with waning interest.