SEGA Entertainment’s New Mascot Is The Son Of SEGA’s Old Mascot, The Infamous Judoka Segata Sanshiro

SEGA Entertainment’s New Mascot Is The Son Of SEGA’s Old Mascot, The Infamous Judoka Segata Sanshiro
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Some things are just a family affair, and indeed, it seems SEGA is keeping it all in the family with this move. Back in the nineties, when SEGA had its own console known as the SEGA Saturn, the brand also had a radical mascot known as Segata Sanshiro. This big fella would swoop in and kick some major butt if he found that you weren’t playing the console. In several of the commercials, he even ends up beating up some kids for having a social life.

But finally, after almost thirty years, we have the latest mascot for SEGA. And if you were to guess, then you’d probably never be able to figure out who the guy actually is. But, that’s right, it turns out that the latest mascot for the famous titan in the video game industry is none other than the actual son of the infamous and extremely manly Segata Sanshiro. This is going to be absolutely wild, and if you want to learn more about all of this insanity, then keep on reading to discover more.

In the latest advertisement put out by the big brain geniuses over at SEGA Entertainment, the real-life son of the actor who first played Segata Sanshiro appears. The actor, Hiroshi Fujioka, was a big burly man who wore a judoka uniform and threw his enemies for their failure of not playing enough SEGA. This time, his son, Maito Fujioka, is the one stepping up.

He is quite handsome and circling around his a blue aura of shining light. But there are a few big differences. His son is definitely not the same size as the behemoth we have all come to know and love from the early 90s.

Still, the kid is showing up in his father’s uniform. At least partially, anyway. He has the judoka jacket (commonly known as a gi) around his shoulders, hanging loosely while he rocks a button-up shirt and a tie. He keeps flying in at random intervals and saying, “SEGA SHIRO.” And in fact, that’s all he really says. We have no idea what kind of power this is, but it’s actually pretty awesome.

All of this is being done for the 60th anniversary of SEGA Entertainment. That means that 2020 marks sixty years in the industry: From 1960 to today. That is absolutely incredible. What a great find! Be sure to go out and buy-in on some SEGA games if you want to celebrate the reemergence of one the greats.