Release Date For An Upcoming Gargoyles Video Game

Release Date For An Upcoming Gargoyles Video Game
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Enthusiasts of the Disney Gargoyles series are in for a treat right now. Disney has said it will release a new video game in favor of the franchise, months after it was revealed the cult hit would be brought back as a comic book from Dynamite Entertainment. Gargoyles Remastered, a modernized version of the 1995 SEGA Genesis game, debuted on Friday at the D23 Expo games exhibition.

Very little was revealed about the game itself, save for the fact that it will breathe fresh life into the updated edition and that no launch date has yet been announced. Also unknown is whether any of the voice actors will continue to perform their characters’ voices in the series.

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Keith David stated that a Goliath sequel was one of his top priority items when we spoke with him last year.

We who were engaged from the start, you realize… I’ve always been curious as to why they initially put a halt to it, as David informed us. Then he suggested a potential reboot and expressed his desire to come back and voice Goliath. The actor says, “We’ve pondered why we haven’t returned to a reboot. I mean, going back to Goliath is the one thing I would most like to do.

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He was undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite characters, you know. I’ve always said that I want to be like Goliath when I enter adulthood.

Similar circumstances apply to the comic book series, with the exception that Greg Weisman, the author long acknowledged as being a series originator, will pen the major title.

It was once a part of the Disney Afternoon schedule and has since developed a small following. Disney+ currently has it accessible.

Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book are just a few of the Disney Classic platformers that have recently undergone remastering. Gargoyles Remastered joins them.