Qualcomm Currently Working On Wireless VR Headsets; Will Support PC Play As Well

Qualcomm Currently Working On Wireless VR Headsets; Will Support PC Play As Well
Credit: pdjohnson via Flickr (license)

Virtual reality has been trending for quite some time now. It was pegged to be the next wave of gaming development, and for the most part, it has lived up to the hype. Now, you can play some of your favorite titles as if you’re there in person.

You can escape a mundane day and enjoy all sorts of immersive environments, which make you truly feel alive and capable of accomplishing anything. When people think of VR, Oculus and PlayStation immediately come to mind. They’ve championed VR for so long now and have had a lot of success.

It appears Qualcomm is set to enhance VR technology, making a huge splash along the way. They’re currently working on wireless VR headsets. This is an amazing design enhancement that not a lot of VR headsets have right now. Instead, you’re forced to navigate around a long cord that can interrupt your immersion at certain points.

Qualcomm is looking to cut the cord in favor of a better VR experience. This is the way VR should be played. Having a headset with no restrictions opens up so many more possibilities. You’ll be able to play VR in virtually any room in the household. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about hurting yourself or others during play.

The wireless design isn’t the only thing Qualcomm is looking to add to their VR headsets. They are in fact planning to make them compatible with PCs. Imagine having a wireless VR headset connect to your favorite PC. You’d be able to play your favorite PC titles and store many more VR games on your computer.

You won’t need to plug these headsets into anything either. All you’ll need to do is sync up one of Qualcomm’s VR headsets with your computer. This feature could revolutionize the way VR headsets are made from here on out.

These headsets will reportedly arrive sometime later in the year in Asia. If they’re a success out of the gate, you better believe the United States will be the next frontier. VR gaming is huge in America as players are looking for the latest and greatest frontier to explore.

As far as the price of these wireless VR headsets, this figure remains to be disclosed. Still, it’s interesting to think about all of the possibilities. VR gaming will be more convenient thanks to Qualcomm’s efforts to revolutionize and improve this sector of gaming.