PUMA Announces “Active Gaming Footwear” Socks For Esports Players

PUMA Announces “Active Gaming Footwear” Socks For Esports Players
Credit: Puma Website

PUMA is a well-known producer of athletic clothing and shoes. The company is broadening its product line with various products for gamers.

One of PUMA’s first products is Active Game Footwear, which was created for eSports players.

PUMA’s Active Gaming Footwear combines the comfort of socks with the soles of outdoor shoes. The trailer showcases the 3D knit that combines a layered mesh with breathability. The sole has a split bottom for flexibility, and the insole is a dual-density foam.

The shoes are currently only available in black. It’s currently unknown if the shoes will be made available in different colors in the future. There’s also the potential for PUMA to team up with eSports teams for unique branded Active Gaming Footwear in the future.

The official website description states: “In extensive talks with professional gamers we uncovered the need for a sock-like shoe; one that is comfortable, lightweight and grippy. It has a super-low profile rubber outsole made for at-home or in-arena use. What we created is a new performance shoe that we describe as Active Gaming Footwear, the latest PUMA gaming tool to help gamers focus on their game and perform at their best.”

The store description states that there are three different “modes,” but their exact benefits are unclear. They include “Medial wrap-up grip in SEEK mode, Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode, and Heel wrap-up stability in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode.” These may be actual benefits or PUMA attempting to interject gamer lingo on their sales page.

eSports competitions regularly occur in large spaces, so the players have to dress for comfort. PUMA aims to keep gamers comfortable while at eSports events or in the comfort of their homes.

The new shoe is available for order now on the official PUMA website, but they aren’t cheap.

Also featured on the official PUMA website is the Playseat to “make gaming active.” Charles Johnson, Global Director of Innovation at PUMA, stated: “We have to start seeing gamers as athletes, with requirements particular to their sport.”

This unique chair doesn’t have armrests but allows gamers to sit upright, lean back, or rock forward and backward. The seat may be too long to sit under a desk but appears to be perfect for console players or anyone who primarily uses a controller.

The PUMA Playseat was launched in November. New photos are being uploaded to show the Active Gaming Footwear being used with the Playseat.