Predator: Hunting Grounds Recently Showed Off Its 5 Player Gameplay In Recent Trailer

Predator: Hunting Grounds Recently Showed Off Its 5 Player Gameplay In Recent Trailer
Credit: PlayStation Access via YouTube

The beta for Predator: Hunting Grounds is just about coming to an end. So if you’re have a PC or PS4 and are eager to see what this asymmetrical online shooter is capable of, you still have a couple of hours left. Initial impressions are pretty positive overall.

People love playing as the Predator. Each class available has interesting capabilities, whether it’s speeding through tree tops or sending projectile blasts in every direction. Playing on the Fireteam squad also has its perks, such as teaming up with others and putting together sound combat strategies.

Throughout these couple of days, there has been plenty of action captured. A new gameplay trailer — in fact — has surfaced showing the five player action in Predator: Hunting Grounds. There are a lot of takeaways from this new footage, but to spare you all of the details, let’s just get into some of the major highlights.

For starters, the jungle environment in the beta footage looks outstanding. It’s exactly like the environments featured in the bevvy of Predator movies that have hit the silver screens over the years. You get a very atmospheric vibe traveling deep into the heart of the forest, where you just know a Predator is lurking and waiting to strike.

That definitely provides plenty of suspense if you’re one of the soldiers on the Fireteam squad. It also doesn’t help that the Predator can go invisible at any time and use thermal vision to track down your exact whereabouts. You’ll definitely have to be on your A game from the beginning.

As far as the Fireteam, it definitely looks like you’ll want to stick together as a group. It will be very hard for the Predator to ambush you and get off enough attacks to win the match. You can then decide to complete the missions and wait until the helicopter arrives or take the Predator head-on.

If you end up as the Predator, stealth and well-timed attacks will be your best bet at claiming victory. You need to stay clear of soldiers if they’re grouped together because their firepower will be enough to bring you down pretty quickly.

The gameplay overall looks very fun and easy to pick up, especially if you’re familiar with first-person shooters. Some sequences seem a bit rough in terms of framerate, but this is only the beta. You can bet IllFonic will work to address these issues and others before the game officially comes out on April 24.