Pokemon Global Link Is Shutting Down In February 2020 For Good, After Nine Years The Service Will No Longer Be Availiable To Fans

Pokemon Global Link Is Shutting Down In February 2020 For Good, After Nine Years The Service Will No Longer Be Availiable To Fans
Credit: Nintendo

It has been nine years since the service launched, but it seems that it will be shutting down. Fans of the service have until February 24, 2020. The service expanded the fun for Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun, and Pokemon Ultra Moon games. This does not help advance the gameplay of the games; it simply adds some additional features.

Online functionality that is outside of Pokemon Global Link will still be available. Players can still use the Global Trade System and battle or trade with other players. This is a separate service, so it will continue to function as normal.

The developers have stated that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will both have services similar to Pokemon Global Link. Rating Battles and Online Competitions will both be included via the Nintendo Switch. It will use the online functionality built into both the game and the system.

It is sad that the service is coming to an end. Since its launch in Japan back in 2010, the game has been an important part of the game’s community functions. It has serviced three Pokemon generations starting back in Gen V and all the way through Gen VII.

In celebration of the many years, Pokemon Global Link helped the community Nintendo is giving away a special award. If you log in to your Pokemon Global Link account, you can redeem a special Munna that is based on Fennel’s Munna from Pokemon Black and White. You do have to log in to the service from Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, and you have until the shut-off date.

This Munn is in a Dream Ball. It has Hidden Ability and the moves Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Rest, and Sleep Talk. This Munna is a reference to the original service launch for Pokemon Black and White. Back then, you have to have an item called Dream Mist before accessing the Pokemon Global Link service.

This may not be a bad thing as it could open the gate to the next chapter in the Pokemon online community. Pokemon Sword and Shield both have amazing online abilities in the  Wild Zone, and with even more updates coming in, the game could be implementing a replacement system in the near future.

It is unknown what is next for the Pokemon community. As the game continues to get patched, fans are left wondering what will replace Pokemon Global Link. If you have any ideas of what might be next, feel free to leave a comment below.