PlayStation Names Doom Eternal As One Of The Best Games Of 2020

PlayStation Names Doom Eternal As One Of The Best Games Of 2020
Credit: Bethesda Softworks UK via YouTube

In a recent article, PlayStation named Doom Eternal as one of the best games to be released so far in 2020. Written by Sid Shuman, Senior Director of SIE Content Communications, the article praises the title in virtually every possible way.

“Id Software has created a shooter that will shake you to your bones,” Shuman writes in their article. “This sequel to 2016’s Doom reboot is an ode to the blistering, balls-to-the-wall gaming sensibilities of the 90s. Here, the story takes a backseat to relentless white-knuckle action, capably propelled by Mick Gordon’s muscular metal score.”

Regardless of your opinion on the title, it’s fair to say that criticizing Gordon’s score seems practically impossible. Gordon brought an incredibly symphonic, demonic, nearly ritualistic approach to metal, even going far enough as to organize a choir of metal musicians to chant Gregorian-style chants.

Shuman also applauds Doom Eternal’s fast-paced action and gameplay, which also lends to a bit of a difficulty. The difficulty of Eternal has been a welcome change from 2016’s Doom title, which could be obnoxiously easy at time.

Part of the difficulty also comes from the fact that the game heavily encourages players to fight aggressively, with a headfirst dive, as Shuman says, often being the best way to prol9ong your life.

“Once this ruthless rubric clicks, Doom Eternal becomes one of the most enjoyable action games released this generation.”

It’s fair to say that Shuman’s words are very, very far from controversial. Id Software’s new Doom title has been one of the most hyped games in recent gaming. Much of the crowd immediately hopped onto the hype train immediately. There was even an adorable trend before the title was released where gamers were placing the iconic Doomguy and Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Isabelle together, as the two extremely-different titles shared a release date.

Of course, just because it isn’t controversial doesn’t take away from it. Shuman’s write-up is an accurate and well-stated review of the brutal nitrous-and-blood fueled demonic slaughterfest. They especially praise the wonderful arsenal of weapons and the customizability that the weapon mastery systems allow, turning his Plasma Rifle into a “blistering death machine” that could also launch a superheated shotgun-style blast of gas at nearby enemies.

Whether your enjoyment for a title like Doom Eternal comes from the blisteringly fast-paced methodical decimation of demon after demon or the soul-shaking metal music score resounding through your skull throughout every level, Doom Eternal has more than earned the popularity it has been enjoying the past two weeks.