Pigeon Simulator Lets Players Live Their Dreams To Be Overly Strong Pigeons And Harass NPCs

Pigeon Simulator Lets Players Live Their Dreams To Be Overly Strong Pigeons And Harass NPCs
Credit: Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios is best known for its massive MMO game Worlds Adrift which recently has closed its doors forever. The studio is now done however as they have announced what can only be described as the spiritual successor to Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios.

The company found itself in major success with the simulation fans when they released Surgeon Simulator and the bread simulation I Am Bread.

The company has returned to its original concept of games, which was making fun places for gamers to enjoy: no stress, no quests, just more pigeon fun. Pigeon Simulator lets you enjoy the world of being a Pigeon with the ability to pick up objects twice your size.

Eat bread, soar through the sky, and defecate on humans to your heart’s delight as you remind everyone that pigeons are the true kings of the city.

You are a pigeon in Barnardshire whose entire purpose of life is to find slices of bread and make life hell for the residents of your city. It is your sacred duty to be a pigeon and rather than fly through the city you can instead pick up heavy objects and fly them onto the heads of unexpecting people. Don’t want to pick up random objects? Just pick up entire people and fly them across the city, or strut in the middle of the street and flaunt your pigeon immortality.

This game looks just as much fun as Goat Simulator if not more. It will include a loose set of objectives, but it is mostly a sandbox playground where you can enjoy your life as a pigeon. Not much is known as to the progress of development or if the game even makes it out of the testing phase, but fans everywhere are hoping for it to launch on all major platforms.

There did not seem to be a need for a game like this until it was announced. Fans everywhere are buzzing at the idea behind it. Where other simulation games have more of a niche fanbase, this seems to be the game that nobody knew they needed. Once the appeal of being destruction causing pigeon was announced on the Bossa Studio Twitter, it suddenly became a must-have sensation.

This game is built using Unity so players can expect the goofy graphics and wonky models that give games like this their charm. Many are excited for a chance they never even considered so the developers at Bossa Studios will at least have a buying audience.