Party Your Way Out Of Hell In Afterparty Where The Only Way Back To Earth Is To Out Drink Satan

Party Your Way Out Of Hell In Afterparty Where The Only Way Back To Earth Is To Out Drink Satan
Credit: Night School Studios

In Afterparty you find you play as two recently deceased friends who find themselves in hell. The only solution is to go on the biggest bender you can and drink your way back to Earth. By outdrinking Satan, you can take advantage of a loophole that will gran you re-entry into the world and a second chance at life.

This game takes you to the biggest party you can find located in the depths of hell. You will find yourself side by side with dangerous demons and the not so missed people who got stuck down there. If you can impress all of Satan’s Monarchs, you will have a chance to meet the big guy himself and drink him under the table. It is up to you where you go as you stumble through the underworld and find out why you were damned in the first place.

You control both Milo and Lola in a game that has an intelligent conversation system. As you progress, every decision will change the story and your relationship as you drink your way through hell. You will uncover their personality quirks and foggy history during the wildest afterparty you have ever seen.

Hell bars offer a variety of drinks and libations. Each different Liquid Courage will change how Milo and Lola’s dialogue options are. Along with empowering their speech it will change their abilities and augment their personalities. So bottoms up if you need a new powerup.

The underworld is full of drunken games to pass the time. You will have to compete in beer pong, dance-offs, chugging competitions, and many more bar-related sports. All the while, you must keep your eye on the dynamic dialogue changes as you slowly make your way through a seamless narrative bender.

Your decisions will impact hell forever as your actions go further than just Milo and Lola. As you finish a quest on one island could result in the total destruction of another. Your actions matter so either make good decisions or forget the bad decisions made.

This game stars Janina Gavankar, who had parts in Star Wars: Battlefront II and Trueblood, as Lola and Khoi Dao, best known for his work in Detective Pikachu and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as Milo. Mix this with an original soundtrack by scntfc, the musical genius behind OXENFREE and Sword & Sworcery, and you have one epic party.

This game releases on October 29 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you are in for one hell of a party, then mark your calendars cause you’re going to hell in Afterparty.