Over 15 Million Switch And Switch Lite Units Have Sold Since Launch In North America; Is A Huge Milestone For Nintendo

Over 15 Million Switch And Switch Lite Units Have Sold Since Launch In North America; Is A Huge Milestone For Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

When you think of modern consoles, one of the most successful is the Nintendo Switch. Ever since its launch back in 2017, it has taken the gaming community by storm. Its hybrid system is beloved by many. There’s just something so special about being able to game with a traditional console using a TV and then taking a portable screen on the go. It opens up your gaming adventures unlike any other console.

Nintendo is fresh off their introduction of the Switch Lite, a strictly portable version of the Switch. It has also garnered a lot of positive feedback like the traditional unit that came before. Gamers love the lightweight design and amazing color options.

To date, Nintendo has sold over 15 million units of between both models in North America. That’s a pretty impressive figure that not a lot of other gaming companies can claim. The statistic alone proves the buying power of the Switch, even today in 2019.

Nintendo has done a beautiful job at giving fans a truly innovative device that no other console has been able to mimic. Not only does the Switch have a unique design, but it constantly receives great AAA and indie games. In fact, the Switch’s game library is one of the best you can find today. This is particularly true if you like family-oriented games.

The gaming industry is in an interesting transition period right now. Google Stadia is set to tackle game streaming like never before and both Sony and Microsoft have their sights set on new consoles. The landscape could be drastically different here in a couple of years.

As the landscape changes, the Switch probably will still sell extremely well. That’s how amazing it is as a gaming device. Nintendo really thought outside the box with its Joy-Con controllers, portable screen, and other unique features.

It honestly wouldn’t be surprising to see the Switch still dominate the sales charts a couple of years from now. Nintendo seems keen on making improvements to the system on a consistent basis. Their recent Lite model is satisfying the needs for a particular audience, but Nintendo isn’t stopping there. They want to make an upgraded Switch model in terms of graphics and performance.

The sky is pretty much the limit for this highly successful gaming company. It will be interesting to see what tactics they implement to keep the Switch in contention with the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.