Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Repair Center Was Inundated With Requests

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Repair Center  Was Inundated With Requests
Credit: nitendo

A third-party look tasked with fixing Joy-Con controllers with drift issues was engulfed by the sheer variety inbound for repairs.

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When the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017, it was a success. In February 2022, the Nintendo Switch reached one hundred million sales, passing the Nintendo Wii and earning the excellence of being one of the highest five bestselling consoles. Despite the positive reception and spectacular sales milestones, however, one persistent issue has somewhat damaged the name of the transportable console.


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Shortly once the Nintendo Switch debuted, reports began shooting up regarding Joy-Con drift, which causes the controllers to register inputs even once their area unit none. This is often a frustrating issue that several players know causes characters, vehicles, or targeting reticles to maneuver in unwanted directions. The matter became thus rife that over the years, many class-action lawsuits have been filed against Nintendo for Joy-Con drift problems.

Nintendo quickly saw client complaints regarding their Joy-Con not behaving properly. Gamers will send their console to own the controllers repaired for gratis, even outside of warranty, and this work is shrunk to third-party repair centers. Those are living in the facet of the US. They can probably have their Joy-Con serviceable by an organization known as United Radio in the big apple. A former look supervisor has spoken with Kotaku to reveal what goes on behind the scenes.

According to the previous United Radio supervisor, the quantity of Joy-Con needing repairs was overwhelming, with a lot of daily. Within the initial year, once the Nintendo Switch launched, customers U.N. agency sent in their controllers and received new replacements. In 2018, however, United Radio started having to repair every set of controllers that came in. Nintendo needed the look to repair the ninetieth of the Joy-Con received at intervals of four days. The supervisor declared, “We finished having to line up a completely new space only for Joy-Con repair.”

Not solely were their thousands of controllers to repair weekly. However, the staff employed to improve the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problems were temporary staff employed by a staffing agency. This diode to inexperienced employees, high turnover, and even folks merely not disclosure for work. Consistent with the interview, most employees didn’t reach the three-month mark at United Radio. The issues were combined by the fact that some staff was immigrants from the U.N. agency and didn’t speak English natively, which means a staff member had to interpret for the communicative trainer. It’s probably; necessary parts were lost in translation.


The communication issues and “very stressful” quantity of Joy-Con repairs meant that inevitably there had been some mix-ups. Kotaku recounts the story of 1 Nintendo Switch owner whose U.N. agency received someone else’s repaired console, losing their own save knowledge as a result. Sadly, the Joy-Con drift issue still exists within the new Switch OLED. The corporate has declared that even the controllers of the first model passed internal control tests, and recently Nintendo’s Toru Yamashita compared Joy-Con drift to automobile tires carrying down with use.