Ninja And Mark Hamill Play Fortnite Together While Chatting About Hamill’s Video Game Voice Acting And Charity Work

Ninja And Mark Hamill Play Fortnite Together While Chatting About Hamill’s Video Game Voice Acting And Charity Work
Credit: YouTube via IGN

Luke Skywalker meets Ninja in a friendly-game of Fortnite during an “Xbox Sessions” video. It was a fun and light-hearted time, and here is the full video if gamers want to check it out!

What’s cool about this video is that is isn’t just Ninja playing Fortnite with Mark Hamill. They cover a bunch of different topics, including voice acting in video games and the charity work Hamill partakes in.

At the start of the video, Ninja asks Hamill if he wants to promote any of his projects coming up, like a new movie. Hamill quickly reminds Ninja that because of non-disclosure agreements, he cannot chat about them. However, he does bring up a charity that he is involved with called the Neighborhood Academic Initiative. It’s an organization that focuses on helping lower-income youth receive college-level education. He remarks that the success rate of the charity is 100 percent, meaning that everyone that has gone through the program has graduated with some post-secondary education.

Ninja and Hamill also discuss Hamill’s experience with voice acting in video games. He has extensive voice-over experience for a range of different games, including playing Detective Mosley in the Gabriel Knight franchise, Wolverine in X2: Wolverine’s Revenge, Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3, and the narrator for Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.

Hamill highlights the main difference between voice acting for video games and voice acting for animated TV shows and movies. He says that video games are much more work because he must give a plethora of different reactions with the same line since there are alternative reactions from characters, depending on the game and path the gamer is on.

They also did what they came to do, and that was to play Fortnite. It was Mark Hamill’s first-time playing video games in years, so one can imagine how green he was. A funny part of the whole video is when Mark Hamill’s son Nathan takes over the controller and starts playing for his extremely-confused father.

This was probably the first and last time Mark Hamill queues into a Fortnite match, but it will forever live on the internet for his fans to enjoy.

This was an “Xbox Sessions” video, and the whole goal was to promote Fortnite on the Xbox.

As many gamers know, Ninja recently left Twitch to start streaming on Microsoft Mixer, and one can imagine that one of the reasons he left Twitch was to be able to participate in roles like this.