Fortnite Receives The New Mode Battle Lab, Allowing Gamers To Customize The Own Battle Royale Match

Fortnite Receives The New Mode Battle Lab, Allowing Gamers To Customize The Own Battle Royale Match
Credit: SMG Gaming via YouTube

Fortnite received a few changes this week via the 11.31 update, and the most significant thing to come out of it was the introduction of the Battle Lab. It’s a custom game mode, kind of like Playground, but focuses on the actual fight with high customizability.

Here is a video tutorial from a Fortnite content creator that goes by alias SMG Gaming:

As mentioned earlier, Battle Lab does have some parallels to Playground. However, Playground was more of a creation game mode, but so it has been appropriately moved to the Creative tab in the menu.

So, to use the Battle Lab game mode, find the tab in the menu and click it. There are two options to choose from. The gamer can do one of two things. They can create a Battle Lab, which allows them to customize the gameplay of a Battle Royale match on their very own island, or the gamer can play in another player’s Battle Lab that they have already created and customized to their likings.

If the Fortnite gamer wants to create their game mode, they need to click onto the “Match Options” button that is located in the bottom right corner of the same menu that shows the “Create a Battle Lab” and “Play” options.

By clicking the “Match Options,” the player will be able to customize a bunch of different things. They will have control over the kind of loot that will spawn onto the island. The loot ranges from high-explosive weapons to a sniper rifle haven.

There are a variety of other options for players to mess around with, including gravity, fall damage, time of day, shields, health, and experimental.

After the gamer optimizes the mode that they want to play in, they can then click on Accept and head into the Battle Lab.
What is excellent about the Battle Lab game mode is that it can be used for so many different things. It can be built for friends to play around on, and maybe the best component, it will allow gamers to practice their aim, their knowledge of the map, and different strategies to eliminate opponents.

Remember, if the gamer is playing alone but they want to practice their aim or try out new weapons, they can use an Enemy Bot Grenade. When that is thrown onto the ground, it will spawn an enemy that will instantly start attacking the gamer. The player then can do whatever they want with the enemy.

This is an excellent addition for the Fortnite community, and hopefully players will take advantage of it to improve their game or to have a good ol’ time with friends.